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BCC Norway is the national association for the BCC Federation’churches in Norway. The association is a publicly registered religious organization, and receives state grants.

The national association cooperates with its local churches to promote the Christian faith among all people and to further the framework conditions for Christianity in society, based on the BCC Federation’s Statement of Faith.

The objectives are furthered through care work, meetings, Sunday school, Bible instruction, baptism, communion, and consecration of marriage. In addition, children and young people are given the opportunity to develop and form friendships in a positive and healthy Christian environment.

Facts about BCC Norway

  • Has 19 member churches and 9,026 members in Norway (2023)
  • A registered religious organization licensed to perform wedding ceremonies
  • Non-profit organization, approved by the Norwegian Tax Administration for deductions on donations
  • Receives grants from the state as a religious organization
  • Member of the BCC Federation, an international association of organizations with common objectives and a common basis of faith
  • Member of the Christian Council of Norway, an umbrella organization for Christian churches and denominations
  • Member of Frivillighet Norge (the Association of NGOs in Norway), a co-operation forum for voluntary organizations in Norway
  • Collaborating partner with the think tank Skaperkraft, which exists to stimulate reflection, debate and active community building

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Support for local churches

As the national association, BCC Norway aims to facilitate, inspire and provide efficient, safe and legitimate church operations locally. The support function applies to these main areas:

  • Finance
  • Organizational structure
  • Legal
  • IT applications
  • Member communications

Member organizations

BCC Norway has 19 local churches in Norway. These are independent associations and legal entities, which are regulated by their own bylaws, annual meetings, boards and finances.

The National Assembly

The National Assembly shall, among other things, adopt budgets, approve annual accounts, elect members to the Central Board, committees and the Nomination Committee. It may adopt amendments to the bylaws and decide on the admission or exclusion of local churches to BCC Norway.
The assembly is the highest authority in all matters that do not fall under the authority of the Elders in the BCC Federation.

National Assembly delegates are nominated by the annual meetings in their respective local churches.

The Central Board

Between the National Assemblies, the Central Board acts as the highest authority. Within the budget and framework set by the National Assembly, the Board shall be responsible for managing funds to further its activities. Among other things, they will ensure a satisfactory organization of the activities and manage properties and assets. It is the Central Board that prepares, convenes and conducts the National Assemblies, and is responsible for implementing the National Assembly’s resolutions.
As of July 25, 2023, the Central Board consists of the following: Vidar Kronstad (chair of the board), Emilie Sandersen Damnjanovic and Morten Ådalen.

The Elders

BCC Norway recognizes the Elders as the supreme authority in matters of faith and doctrine, as stated in the BCC Federation’s constitution.
As of January 1, 2022, the Elders consist of the following: Kåre J. Smith (leader), Harald Kronstad, Trond Eriksen, and Bjørn Nilsen.

Annual reports

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