BCC’s Missionary activity

For many years Brunstad Christian Church has run active missionary work in several parts of the world. The church has worked to spread the gospel “to all nations,” both in person and online, and by supporting regional conference centers.

The basis is Jesus´ Great Commission

Since its humble beginnings in the early 1900s, BCC´s vision has been to lead individuals to a connection with Jesus, so that each one can attain a personal faith in the gospel. Large membership in itself has never been a goal, since it is the Great Commission that serves as a basis for our work. BCC´s Articles of Association clearly reflect this purpose.

Meeting people at their level

Johan Oscar Smith talked with people he met in his profession as a marine officer, and in time gained followers along the entire coast of Norway. The same Word proceeded to spread from Norway to other countries, initially in northern Europe. After Smith´s passing, others continued to travel and preach the Word, and the message reached several other continents. Today, robust and active local churches can be found throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The church´s mission has always been to spread the gospel from person to person, via natural meetings with people in their own lives and surroundings. To facilitate this, BCC has given financial and practical support for the construction of dozens of conference centers on several continents over the last several decades. BCC members from around the world have contributed monies to create facilities and the chance to gather around the gospel, especially for those with little purchasing power in poor countries.

Local contribution

These centers are built with facilities useful for edification, accommodation, dining, and activities for all age groups, although the focus is often for children and youth. BCC endeavors to activate a feeling of ownership for the localities at an early stage. In this connection the Youth Exchange Program (YEP) plays a central role—in building relationships and connections, and in the physical construction of the facilities.

BCC wants missionaries who wish to work on a volunteer/non-profit basis. Volunteer/unpaid missionaries have long since been a tradition in BCC.

BCC’s involvement in developing countries includes diaconal ministries—from the establishment of workplaces and dwellings, to education assistance for children and young people, but especially paving the way for a healthy quality of life.

Help to self-help is the core of our missionary work. We are not interested in investing funds to be used as a pillow or a basis for passivity, but rather to stimulate local involvement according to the resources and possibilities available. Based on experience, healthy church growth does not occur without active involvement and hard work from the recipients.

BCC´s online missionary tools

BCC has net-based outreach tools, mainly the platform activechristianity.org (aktivkristendom.no in Norwegian). The primary focus of these sites is edification and Christian missions, and they are translated into several languages. Everyone who is interested can read about BCC´s faith and teachings, and the church´s original literature is available for download as e-books. The gospel´s message is further presented in online articles, films, and personal testimonies. Social media is used actively to reach others and lead new readers to BCC´s net platforms.

Activechristianity.org – website

BrunstadTV is an important tool in BCC’s missionary work. Through the help of traditional preaching and forward-thinking technology BCC wants to communicate and give access to the gospel so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to hear, see for themselves, and personally experience the new life that Jesus preached.

Behind the scenes during one of BrunstadTV’s studio productions

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