About us

Brunstad Christian Church is a Christian community which uses the Bible as a foundation for our faith. The Bible also serves as guidance in all questions of doctrine.

Brunstad Christian Church is a nonprofit organization, aiming consciously to provide children and young people with healthy and versatile recreational options within a secure Christian framework.

We hope that the central organization, our affiliated local churches, and individuals contribute positively to their communities.

Our values


BCC’s members should be characterized by attitudes and behavior compatible with respect and esteem towards other people, irrespective of whether they share our faith or not.

As a minority faith community, we respect every individual’s right to make personal choices in accordance with the rights established by society, including for example those regarding political freedom, sexual orientation, and family choices.

Truth and righteousness

We know that it is only by an honest and upright search for the truth that a person can live a righteous life. We consider this to be a fundamental basis for our life and all our activity.

Work for children and youth

BCC has a special focus on working on behalf of children and youth, and challenges all affiliated local churches to work consciously with this in mind. Activity options should be varied and when possible, tailored to children’s individual needs and abilities. Through praise, encouragement, and positive acknowledgement, we want each one to feel included, appreciated, and able to experience the joy of achieving their goals within the secure framework of life in the church.

Love and care

Our intention is to show neighborly love, care and generosity towards each individual irrespective of their credentials and situation in life. The overall goal is to prompt everyone to live a life as Jesus’ disciple in accordance with Jesus’ Great Commission.

Personal freedom

The Bible is the foundation for our faith, and based on its doctrine, we want each of our members to feel full freedom to make their choices according to their personal faith and inner conviction.

A safe organisation

Our ambition is to embrace and facilitate diversity, not to cultivate an elite culture where some are left on the fringes, or feel less valued or unwanted. This applies to all age groups, but we feel a special responsibility to have good procedures in place for identification and cessation of bullying or social exclusion in any work with children and youth.

BCC always wishes to have an up-to-date policy and operational plan in place in relation to violence, sexual abuse, and inappropriate conduct towards children and youth. We work consciously so that every member feels secure at all levels in the organization.

Download PDF-files of our Strategy and Action Plan and Guidance booklet:

Strategy and action plan Guidance booklet


Social responsibility

We intend as a central association, as local churches and as individuals, to contribute positively to society.

What do we believe in BCC?

Our overall objective is to exhort everyone to live as a disciple of Jesus in accordance to Jesus’ Great Commission. Our intention is to show neighborly love, care and generosity towards each individual irrespective of their credentials and situation in life.

The foundation of the churchs work is described in the organization’s bylaws §1, in reference to the following verses in the Bible:

  • The main work of the Church consists of teaching people to keep all that Jesus commanded (Matt. 28:18-20).
  • We believe in the forgiveness of sin (Acts. 10:43 and 13:38) through Jesus’ death for us (1. Cor. 15:3 and Eph. 1:7).
  • We believe that Jesus was tempted just as us (Heb. 2:18), but that He never sinned (Hebr. 4:15).
  • We believe and preach that we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps, He who committed no sin (1. Pet. 2:21-23), and therefore that in every situation we can live a personal life of victory over all conscious sin (Rom. 8:37).