Children and youth Associations

Work for children and young people have high priority in the church, and each week hundreds of volunteers work to provide them a variety of activities. In 2022, three associations for children and youth were admitted as associate members of the BCC Federation.

Much of the work for children and young people in the church takes place through voluntary associations that share BCC’s values and beliefs, with local groups established in places where there are local churches. BCC has collaborated with these for several years, and in 2022 the first three children and youth associations were admitted as associate members of the Federation. The goal is full membership in the long run.

Brunstad Ungdomsklubb (Brunstad Youth Club), which is part of the Christian youth work of BCC, arranges activities and camps for young people from 13 years and up. The purpose of the association is, among other things, to promote Christian faith, fellowship, and shared experience between young people from all over the world and protect them from destructive and harmful environments.

The association has 20 local clubs in Norway. Worldwide, there are around 80 youth associations sharing the same or similar purposes, but these have no legal affiliation.

Xercize is a voluntary association that conducts Christian work among children and young people who are interested in sports, with an emphasis on BCC’s values and beliefs. This happens through activities, camps, competitions and events which combines Christian and sports-related content. Xercize has weekly activities for local groups all over Norway.

Aktivitetsklubben (Activity Club) is a voluntary association that offers leisure activities for children up to the age of 13, based on BCC’s Christian beliefs and values. The association has 22 local groups in Norway, which offer organized activities on a weekly basis, adapted to the members’ age, interest and abilities.