Brunstad Christian Church

About us

Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) is a Christian denomination and nonprofit organization founded in Norway. BCC has around Norwegian 8,200 members, representing about one third of the global membership. Around the world BCC has affiliated churches in 54 countries.

BCC originated in Norway on May 17th, 1898, with Johan O. Smith’s conversion, and the church is a result of his life and work. The Bible is the authority and foundation for all of BCC’s endeavors, which are made possible through volunteer work and donations. BCC does not employ any clergy.

BCC’s members come from different backgrounds, educations, and walks of life, but wish to gather around their Christian faith.


The name Brunstad Christian Church comes from the place where the church has had its permanent gathering place for over 60 years – Brunstad – in the municipality of Sandefjord, Norway. BCC holds multiple conferences with international participation at Brunstad during holidays every year.


Our vision is that the Christian message will be proclaimed in all the nations, and that those who are interested can learn how to live according to all of Jesus’ teachings. For this reason, BCC works to create platforms and meeting places for faith inspiration and religious education, with a focus on the next generation.  



Youth meeting during BCC’s summer conference in 2018

Local church life

Outside of holidays and conferences, most activity occurs in the local churches. Amongst other things, churches have a range of dynamic activities consisting of the following:

  • Gatherings every Sunday
  • Youth meetings
  • Sunday school for children
  • Activity clubs for children
  • Various interest groups for young people

The majority of these activities, including faith inspiration and religious education, are made possible by volunteer work or donations.

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