About Us

Preaching the message of the Bible gives the church unity and faith in the future.

The BCC Federation has around 25,000 fellow believers worldwide. The head office and the church’s daily operations are located in Norway, in Moss municipality. The central organization and organizations for most of the focus areas are established here. The mission organization is established in the United States.

About BCC

  • Origins from 1898.
  • The first form of organization came in the 1930s, and first set of bylaws for the Norwegian church in 1993. Constituted as an international federation in 2021
  • Beliefs and preaching based on the Bible
  • The only church established in Norway with widespread international expansion
  • Extensive work for children and young people, and a high proportion of young members
  • Finances are based primarily on donations. BCC has no paid preachers
  • Central focus areas covering: mission, media, events, music, youth program and funds

Our objectives

  • Promote the Christian faith among all people, as expressed in our basis of faith, and to teach those who want to, to keep all of Jesus’ commandments
  • Further the framework conditions for Christianity and its standing in society
  • Provide children and young people with a positive and healthy Christian environment, and create good framework conditions for children and young people’s personal, spiritual and social development

Our values


Love is central to Christianity. Jesus said: “Watever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Extending charity, care and generosity towards individuals, each with their own different conditions and life situations, is therefore to love Jesus with the same love with which He loved us. When the love of Him becomes an inner driving force, this goodness will be felt by all people.


As a religious community, BCC fully respects the human right to make personal choices in accordance with the rights established by society, for example with regard to religious and political freedom, sexual orientation and family life.

Believers should be characterized by attitudes and ways of life compatible with respect and esteem for all people, whatever their beliefs or outlook on life.


As a Christian, it should be a matter of course to be righteous in financial matters and to follow the laws of the land. This is the starting point for a deeper righteousness, acknowledging one’s starting point as a selfish person, and that one by the cross of Christ can deny evil thoughts and deeds. In this way, the good can grow in us, serving to the best for ourselves, those near to us, and society.


Faithfulness is manifested through our relationship with God, but is also reflected in our interpersonal relationships and commitments. As believers, we always seek to have these in harmony with God’s word. Determination and perseverance in the faith are highly valued in BCC, because it leads people into a life of growth and development.

Church life

Children and young people are the future

The desire of individuals to live as a disciple of Jesus leads to unity in church life. The preaching of the message of the Bible forms the basis for BCC to be a vibrant church, as it has been since the beginning.

More than 60% of the participants at BCC’s conferences are under 30 years of age. This is a result of this age group being prioritized as an important part of the community. They are able to participate in Bible instruction, engage in activities adapted to their age and interests, and have good experiences and friendships they can enjoy later in life.

Facilitating the participation of children and young people in the church community contributes to providing new generations with a good foundation for Christian faith and quality of life.

A participant church

Although BCC has an orderly organizational structure with elected representatives for formal positions, church life and edification in the faith continue to be as free and unorganized as they were in the beginning.

All local churches in BCC are participating churches. At meetings and conferences in our faith community there is a great deal of member participation. This is inspired by Paul’s words to the Corinthians. “How is it then, brothers? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.” (1 Corinthians 14:26)

Being a “participant church,” means, among other things, that individuals can participate with what is on their heart, be it with a message, testimony, prayer or song. The church has no paid preachers, and there are no scheduled lists of speakers in the meetings. When the members come together, there is great freedom to contribute, both in terms of the content of the meetings, and in practical tasks in church life. The purpose is for everything to help build faith in Jesus Christ, because He brings us together.

BCC has a relatively large proportion of young people, many of whom grow up to take over voluntary tasks and contribute to care work and edification in the faith.

We see that preaching the message of the Bible leads to development in the church for young and old, within the liberty given by the word of God. This creates both unity and power, which we see will continue to build the church for the future.

About our name

“BCC” comes from Brunstad Christian Church, based on the place Brunstad in Sandefjord municipality in Norway, which has been an international gathering place for the church since 1956. The conferences here are still an important arena for fellowship in the faith, even though the church no longer owns the place.

In recent times, the conference facility at Oslofjord has undergone extensive development, and BCC Event organizes events, youth camps, family days and activities for children and young people here.

Often called “Smith’s Friends “

In Norway and elsewhere, BCC was previously referred to as “Smith’s Friends,” but this has never been the church’s official name.