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Bible Kids Explorers

Everything is ready for Sunday school mentors

BCC Media is now focusing on one of the media house’s flagship projects; namely Bible Kids Explorers. In March, children were able to embark on a new journey through the Bible through interactive learning. Children are able to get more out of the biblical content, and it becomes easier to be a mentor in Sunday school with good resources available.

  • A weekend for volunteers: Communicating the gospel through music

    A weekend for volunteers: Communicating the gospel through music

    The air hums with energy and activity. In the sports hall there is a Sunday school workshop, around the corner a group kneels while practicing CPR on dolls for a first aid course, and a guitar group has moved out into the spring sunshine.

  • Vedtak i representantskapsmøte

    The Following was Approved at the Assembly of Representatives

    An extraordinary meeting of the BCC Federation’s Assembly of Representatives was held on Friday, April 7, 2023. Here is an overview of what was resolved at that meeting.

  • The preaching attracts a record number at the Easter conference

    For several years the Easter conference has been one of the most visited conferences, and this year the record was broken. The opportunity to hear the Easter message and be reminded of Jesus’ life and resurrection from the dead drew people from all over the globe to Vestfold in Norway. See the pictures from the conference.

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Bible X - Gate Zero

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