BCC - a church that gathers around sanctification

A church that gathers around sanctification


Joined the church in 2018: “I would recommend a year at YEP to my siblings”

One Wednesday at the office, I meet Badap (27) from India to hear about his story and why he participates in the Youth Exchange Program in Norway. The conversation has barely begun, before he tells me that he was not part of the church until 2018.

  • How BCC’s economy becomes strong and sustainable

    How BCC’s finances become strong and sustainable

    Thanks to a few thousand people, significant capital has been raised for a place to gather for Christian conferences. Now the question is: How do we ensure strong finances going forward? This challenge will be addressed in long-term financial plans.

  • In Memoriam: Bernt Stadven

    It was a solemn day when friends from all over the world came together for a memorial service for our dear friend and church servant, Bernt Stadven. He died on 26 April 30, 2024. His life was a blessing in his time.

  • This was adopted by the Assembly of Representatives

    On Monday May 20th, an extraordinary meeting of the BCC Federation’s Assembly of Representatives was held. Here is an overview of the resolutions.

Churches across the world

BCC has a presence on all continents, with fellow believers in almost 50 countries

Our focus areas

Produces and disseminates content with Christian values over the whole world.

Organizes international conferences and camps for the church.

The mission organization owns and operates mission sites and projects worldwide.

A one-year youth program with Bible teaching, work and cultural exchange.

A new foundation being developed to manage BCC’s saved funds.

A new foundation being developed to develop the music initiative.

Our history

A new video game venture

Check out Bible X´s upcoming video game Gate Zero