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Major investment in music is in the pipeline - Brunstad Christian Church (BCC)

Major investment in music is in the pipeline

On the same day as this year’s Christmas concert – the year’s musical highlight – the Assembly of Representatives made important decisions on the music front. Exciting things have been put in place to improve the music at gatherings and in missionary work.

  • Extraordinary meeting of the BCC Federation's Assembly of Representatives

    This was adopted by the Assembly of Representatives

    On Saturday, December 2, there was an extraordinary meeting of the BCC Federation’s Assembly of Representatives. Here is an overview of the resolutions.

  • Finnish TV deletes false claims from Oscar Floor

    Finnish TV corrects and deletes accusations from Oscar Floor

    Following dialog between BCC and the Finnish state broadcaster YLE, they are now making corrections to the episode that aired on November 13, 2023. False claims by Oscar Floor are being deleted and further changes are being made.

  • Frivillighetshelg i BCC (Brunstad Christian Church)

    “No point in waiting until you’re skilled enough”

    900 volunteers were at Brunstad to work over the weekend. The program was very varied, ranging training in sound, lighting and image technology, rehearsals for the Christmas concert, work with children and young people, strategy sessions, and translation with artificial intelligence were on the program. Some volunteers share their experiences here.

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