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Individuals and organizations that create change through the Bible’s message about a new life.


Volunteer Weekend

Godly fear and cooperation were the themes of the volunteer weekend

The introduction to this weekend’s gathering for volunteers begins with words for reflection: It is not “big, bigger, biggest” or “good, better, best” that applies here, but it is in godly fear that we come together and work.

  • Ready for an Active Autumn

    Ready for an Active Autumn

    After a rich and eventful summer where the preaching of God’s word continues to have ripple effects in our lives, there are also many practical tasks to be carried out. As a faith community, we are constantly evolving. All activities and decisions made should contribute to fulfilling our purpose. Read more about what’s happening in BCC this autumn.

  • BCC sommerstevne 2023 - Brunstad Christian Church

    We look back on a memorable summer

    With fond memories and experiences from summer conferences and youth camps, many embark on their daily routines, school, and work with renewed enthusiasm. From mid-July to well into August, fellow believers from near and far have come together for spiritual edification and fellowship. Let’s take a retrospective glance at some of what we got to be a part of this summer.

  • Fast-paced and Festive Celebration

    For youth all over the world, the past six months have been a fireworks display of engagement and camaraderie across local churches and countries. Read more about what the initiative is all about and why it has sparked such enthusiasm among young people and adults alike.

Churches across the world

BCC has a presence on all continents, with fellow believers in almost 50 countries

Our focus areas

Produces and disseminates content with Christian values over the whole world.

Organizes international conferences and camps for the church.

The mission organization owns and operates mission sites and projects worldwide.

A one-year youth program with Bible teaching, work and cultural exchange.

A new foundation being developed to manage BCC’s saved funds.

A new foundation being developed to develop the music initiative.

Our history

A new video game venture

Check out Bible X´s upcoming video game Gate Zero