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What have You done for Africa?

This weekend, a mission collection with a new twist was launched. A collection is being taken for Africa, but our fellow believers in Africa don’t want to just receive. They are leading the way by example, and now they are challenging the rest of the world to make an effort to contribute to the collection on the same scale as they are.

Churches as Community Builders

This week, BCC Norway took part in meetings of leaders in the Christian Council of Norway. Among the guests were the Minister for Religious and Life-stance Affairs, Kjersti Toppe, and County Governor Valgerd Svarstad Haugland.

Van der Linden goes to jail – but his narrative is still on the loose

Read the story: how the information war started, and how the media followed up. “I do not think my client has done this for himself. He was just a puppet doing what he was asked to do. This is what I want to bring out in a court trial.”

Source of Brennpunkt-documentary sentenced to 2,5 years in prison

Today, 21 April 2022, the Dutchman Jonathan van der Linden was sentenced to 2,5 years of unconditional imprisonment, and to pay a fine of 160.000 euros for gross fraud, money laundering, and forgery of documents. He was the main source for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s controversial documentary “God’s elect – Smith’s Friends”.

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