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  • An international Christian community
  • Members in 54 countries and on all continents
  • The only religious community established in Norway with widespread international expansion
  • Founded in Norway with Johan O. Smith’s conversion in 1898
  • Over 8,000 Norwegian members in 19 congregations
  • International BCC conferences are held 7-8 times a year at Oslofjord Convention Center, Norway
  • ‘‘Smith’s Friends’ is an informal name from earlier times and has never been BCC’s official title


  • Extensive work is done for children and youth
  • Church activities are based on volunteer work, and funded with charitable gifts from members
  • Lay preachers and pastors who are not paid to preach and serve in the church
  • NNew technology and modern tools are used for spreading the gospel
  • Has a TV channel and multimedia production
  • Our beliefs are based on the teachings of the Bible, which is the source and reference for doctrinal questions
  • All work done in the organization is founded on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Press Contact

Berit Hustad Nilsen


Phone number: +47 93 40 97 35

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Brunstad Christian Church’s media archive contains high resolution portraits and pictures of activities both at home and abroad.

The archive can be used free of charge, however when being used BCC and the photographer is to be accredited. See license – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

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