Brunstad Christian Church

Annual Report 2019

From the Board

As we develop our organization to meet future needs, there is a focus on being a healthy and well-organized church community, without compromising the foundation of our faith . We experience that our Christian purpose brings us together, and it is inspiring to see many young people choose to stay in our church community when they reach adulthood. This is reflected in a gradually increasing membership, with a high proportion of children and youth among our members.

In accordance with developing legislation for religious communities, we align and develop our organization side by side with other organizations in our religiously diverse society. We believe that Christianity has something important to convey to people today, and that it embodies both happiness and well-being for our many thousands of members.

Mission work through events and media activities

Christian conferences are still BCC’s most important arena for spreading our message and for fellowship. In 2019 we organized seven large international conferences with participants from 43 countries and worked hard to give participants a better conference experience by catering to all age groups. We also ensured that people from countries with low buying power received support to attend our conferences.

In addition to many individuals’ efforts, media activity is an important tool for mission work. We want to use all useful means in furthering the gospel. We have received attention from other Christians, both nationally and internationally, for the animated series “Jesus is My Friend”. It will be a priority for us to further develop our technical skills and competence, so that the gospel can be communicated in new ways and to new target groups.

Volunteer work and donations are the cornerstone for our activities

The income in our association mainly consists of donations from individuals, organizations, and companies. As a religious community, we also receive a government subsidy. In this report you can see where the donations come from, and how BCC manages the government subsidy and donations to further our purpose. We want this annual report to help both our members and the public to receive good insight and a better understanding of our organization.

In local churches believers of all ages find solidarity and fellowship and have great opportunities to engage in volunteer work for others. As a church, BCC wants to be a positive force in society, and facilitate activities which inspire and enable members to help others in their immediate surroundings.

The Board would like to extend a warm thank you to all the volunteers who support our community in various ways. Even though BCC has many employees, volunteer work is still the backbone of our church activity. In 2019, thousands of members supported BCC during our conferences, and also through pastoral work and preaching.