Our story at Brunstad

In 1956 BCC purchased Nedre Brunstad Gård in Stokke. The place which has been a central conference center for the church and also from which the church’s name is derived, was owned by BCC for 50 years up to 2006, at which time the entire ownership was transferred to the Brunstad Foundation.

Brunstad Gård 1956Brunstad Gård 1965

The Brunstad Foundation was established by BCC in 2002. The foundation had the goal of promoting the doctrine, values and Christian content that Johan O. Smith stood for.

BCC still continues to use Brunstad for its international conferences through a rental agreement with Oslofjord Convention Center AS, a company owned by the Brunstad Foundation. Oslofjord Convention Center AS has entered into a long term rental contract for the operation of commercial events at Brunstad, where at present BCC is the company’s largest customer. BCC is negotiating with Oslofjord Convention Center AS regarding a long-term letter of intent and framework agreement for rental of the property over the next 20 years.