Our story at Brunstad

As the name of the church describes, Brunstad has been a central place for the members of the church for many decades. In 1956 the church purchased Nedre Brunstad Gård in Stokke, and owned the place for 50 years up to 2006, at which time the entire ownership was transferred to the Brunstad Foundation.

The Brunstad Foundation was established by BCC in 2002. Part of the reason for why the church established the Brunstad Foundation was to create a separation between the church as a faith community on one side and a business and property management entity on the other.  The Brunstad Foundation manages property and conducts business, while BCC as an association wishes to focus on the development of ecclesiastical and faith-building work.

BCC continues to use Brunstad for its international conferences which have been organized by the church since the first conference here in 1956. BCC regulates its use of the site through a long-term lease agreement with Oslofjord Convention Center AS, and intends that the agreement will continue to provide constancy and security for BCC members who have invested a lot in the property.

Many BCC members have decided to sign a lease agreement with Oslofjord Convention Center AS to ensure for themselves lodging in context with the church´s on-site conferences plus an additional number of days. The agreement is valid for 20 years, with some agreements entended to 50 years. Furthermore, many of the members who contracted lease agreements during the last expansion early in the 2000s were offered the chance to sign a new rights of use agreement with the Brunstad Foundation, prolonging their agreements to 50 years.

Here, several generations have spent many holidays together, and friendships have been forged across cultural divides, national borders, and age groups. BCC wishes to facilitate the chance for future generations to experience conferences with fellowship and faith-building at Brunstad also.

Brunstad Gård 1956Brunstad Gård 1965
Brunstad Gård 1956 and 1965

Brunstad 2017

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