Organization: the BCC Federation

Here you can read about how the international organization of BCC is equipped for the future.

For over 120 years, BCC had no overall international organization. Its activities have been run through independent Christian organizations in the respective regions and countries, which have collaborated on the basis of faith and objectives.

For many years, individuals, local churches and various enterprises have worked so that people who want to, can hear and learn to live as Jesus taught us to. The unorganized and free involvement of individuals is an important factor, which is not removed even if the framework and structure of the business is under development.

Need for international organization

The Great Commission is absolutely central for BCC, and over the last few decades, both the commitment and the number of enterprises have grown internationally, increasing the requirement for good structures to be in place.

There has therefore been a change in the way of thinking about organization:The informal must be formalized in a thorough way to ensure that the organization can meet the requirements of an international church for the next 50 years.

History and facts

  • 2016: Preliminary work, studies and surveys among other international organizations and churches, to find the right way to organize the church for the future
  • 2020-21: Consultation rounds with church elders, representatives and key people. The Assembly of Representatives establishes the BCC Federation in stages, as a new international structure for the church
  • 2022: The focus areas of media, events, funds, music, A-team, and mission are established as independent organizations
  • The federation has 20 member organizations for the present (all Norwegian)
  • Annual budget for BCC’s central operations: 240 MNOK

Bodies and authority

The Elders

Spiritual and visionary leadership. Responsible for administering the church’s teachings, and the Christian content of the church’s events. The supreme authority in matters of faith and doctrine.

The Assembly of Representatives

The highest authority in all practical, legal and financial matters, by representatives elected by and from among the members of BCC’s local churches. Decides on amendments to the bylaws and annual budget limits, and is the granting authority that allocates funds and grants to further the objectives. The Assembly of Representatives meets at least once a year.

The Secretariat

Protects the interests of the Assembly of Representatives and the federation between meetings of the Assembly of Representatives, and ensures that these are carried out. Coordinates the federation’s activities within the areas of finance, law, compliance, communication, internal auditing and IT.

What will the federation look like in the future?

On November 21, 2021, the foundation document with the constitution and bylaws of the BCC Federation was adopted and signed at the Assembly of Representatives meeting.

Seven joint initiatives are defined, which are focus areas for the entire federation. These joint initiatives have independent leadership and a separate task within the federation’s objectives.

BCC Media will be a pulsating media center for Christian communication. The budget for 2022 is 87.8 MNOK. 50 MNOK of this consists of grants from the federation.

BCC Event plans the church’s international conferences and camps. The budget for 2022 is 70 MNOK, which is financed by participant payments from local churches.

The mission organization is established in the USA and has a budget of 22.1 MNOK in 2022. This is financed by grants from the federation, as well as an earmarked mission collection for projects in Africa.

BCC Fund is a newly established foundation, which by managing capital and distribution will help to ensure the long-term realization of the objectives.

BCC A-team is a new foundation that will offer young people from all over the world fellowship, cultural exchange and experiences in a positive and healthy Christian environment, based on BCC’s beliefs.

Coming in 2022.

BCC Facilities is a newly established foundation that will coordinate the need for real estate facilities for the federation´s joint initiatives and the central organization.

How resolutions are adopted in the federation

The joint initiatives are funded by the churches, and contribute to mission and church activities around the world. All joint initiatives present the following year’s budget proposals and business plans for the Assembly of Representatives at the ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Representatives in July. The Elders comment on the business plans in the consultation rounds.

Click on the different Assembly of Representatives meetings to see the resolutions that have been adopted

Representantskapsmøter 2022

Representantskapsmøter 2021

Business plan: Each joint initiative prepares an annual business plan that describes the activities the organization plans for the coming year, what these cost, and how they will be financed. The business plan forms the basis for the grant applications to from the BCC Federation, and is considered by the Assembly of Representatives in connection with the annual budget process.

Member organizations apply for admission to the BCC Federation

One of the consequences of establishing a good organization structure is that local churches around the world, which consider themselves part of the faith community in BCC, can be formally admitted to the BCC Federation. To ensure that BCC’s activities at all levels are based on righteousness and order, the Assembly of Representatives has adopted a number of requirements in order to be admitted to the federation. In this way, more and more local churches will become member organizations in coming years.

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