Faith education for children and youth

– It’s going to be really popular

Bible Kids and Gate Zero attracted interest among visitors to the Faith Education Conference. This was the first time BCC Media had a stand at the fair, which this year was about giving hope and creating space for faith.

The Faith Education Conference is organized annually by IKO – Kirkelig Pedagogisk Senter. It is an important arena for sharing experiences and inspiration for everyone who works with children and young people in the church and Christian organizations. The theme of this year’s conference was hope and faith: “How can we communicate hope, and how can we create space for faith?”

Dozens of exhibitors at the fair offered various faith education concepts, and at this year’s conference BCC Media was represented for the first time to showcase Bible Kids Explorers and Gate Zero. Many people visited the exhibits, and the teaching material was well received.

“BCC’s productions are of very high quality,” says Karl-Johan Kjøde, Secretary General of the Association (NKSS).

Kjøde was one of those who visited BCC Media’s latest concept for faith education, namely Bible Kids Explorers. The media house has been working on the pilot for the project for a few years and is proud to present a finished product. The goal was to tell others who work with children and youth about the initiatives and invite them to try it out.

Several of the visitors expressed that the concept looked exciting and wanted to test it in their groups.

The new Bible Kids children’s app and, not least, the Gate Zero gaming initiative also attracted the attention of trade fair participants.

Using digital tools for confirmation applicants

“This is going to be really popular,” says Sivert Løhren Hovde, faith formation teacher at Bjørkelangen parish. He has himself used digital tools in his confirmation classes and believes that games and digital media especially are an important supplement to religious education.

“Not everyone likes to be in large social settings, but these tools nonetheless provide a link and a gateway to good conversations,” says Hovde.

The team from BCC Media takes a lot of positive things from the fair into the further production and development of the concepts.

“It’s fun to come out and present what we’ve been working on for so long, and to experience the response from other faith educators. Most are positively surprised that we share so much of the content for free,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Kjetil Sundmark Johnsen.

“In today’s society, we need digital tools to make it easier to communicate faith to children and young people.

Kjetil Sundmark Johnsen at the stand for Bible Kids. Photo: BCC
Kjetil Sundmark Johnsen at the stand for Bible Kids. Photo: BCC