BCC Media deltar på MEHR konferansen i Sør-Tyskland

Presenting engaging Christian content for “generation Z”

On the first weekend in January, 11,000 people gathered at the MEHR Christian conference in southern Germany. BCC Media was there to showcase the products from Bible Kids and the upcoming video game Gate Zero.

“There is great interest in high-quality digital content for Christians,” says Christoph Matulke enthusiastically. He is one of the leaders of DCG Deutschland, an evangelical free church that shares the same basis of faith as BCC.

The MEHR conference has been held in Augsburg, southern Germany since 2008 and is an initiative of “Gebetshaus Augsburg.” Between lectures and worship, participants are invited to the exhibition area where they can get in touch with different organizations and discover Christian resources.

For the first time, BCC Media was present with its own stand, in collaboration with DCG Germany. The digital Bible products were received with great interest by the many parents, Sunday school workers, and faith educators who visited the stand.


A mini cinema was set up at the stand where visitors could watch the movie about King Josiah, with newly recorded German audio. It was also possible to try out the “Bible Kids Explorers” interactive concept on the computer screens, and several visitors were keen to test it out in their own children’s groups. Dagmar Knittelfelder, head of the Sunday school at Home Church in Salzburg, Austria, was enthusiastic about the concept:

“You are heaven-sent!” exclaims Dagmar enthusiastically and says she’s looking forward to testing it out in her own home church.

Annette Tobler, head of Bible Kids, finds it very inspiring to meet others who are also passionate about communicating the Bible’s message to children. She is originally from Switzerland and was at the stand together with several members of the production team.

“ It’s so much fun to talk to other people who work with bringing the message to children, to see what’s available, share experiences, and learn from each other.”

Annette Tobler

Annette also says that many people she talks to find it challenging to find material that can engage children and young people in Christian education, and that many experience that children lose interest and stop coming.

“That makes it even more inspiring to be able to present a possible solution,” smiles Annette.

In her experience, many people are pleasantly surprised that the products from Bible Kids are offered completely free of charge and openly available to anyone who wants to use them.

The story of King Josiah makes an impression

Join us on a journey back in time, to the fascinating story of the boy king Josiah.

Great enthusiasm for the Christian Bible game Gate Zero

Gate Zero also attracted a lot of interest, especially among the conference’s youngest participants. This was clearly confirmed by the constant queue in front of the three gaming stations, where participants could test a demo version of the game and provide feedback.

“This is my favorite stand at the whole fair,” said one of the children who tested the game.

Not many of the German audience had heard of Gate Zero before, but there was great enthusiasm for a Christian Bible game.

“You can get to know the Bible stories in a simpler way. I think that’s cool.”

Simon (16 years old)

Gate Zero gives players a way to immerse themselves in both the biblical story and the cultural and historical aspects of Jesus’ time. The development team puts in an impressive effort to ensure that the game is true to the biblical stories and as historically accurate as possible. This is something the audience also expresses is important to them.

“I liked the panels where they explain things; in the temple and everywhere there are many little things that are explained. I think that’s really cool. These may be things that people wouldn’t have read about themselves, but I hope this opens the door for young people to want to learn more.”

Luca (23 years old)

Making it possible to reach “Gen Z”

In an increasingly saturated media environment, it is challenging to engage the target group “Gen Z” and the coming generation with Christian content, as many faith educators are experiencing. With the Bible products from BCC Media, the goal is to make the Bible’s message alive and accessible to the next generation of Christians, so that it can be of help to parents and faith educators around the world.

Productions to look forward to in 2024

In 2024, the film about Esther will be released along with several new animated films from the Bible.