Society opens up again – we look forward to being together

The monthly information broadcast to BCC viewers took on an extra dimension this Sunday. Nå kan det planlegges for stevner og arrangementer igjen, etter halvannet år med strenge restriksjoner.

Text by Berit Hustad Nilsen – Photos by BCC Media

There were several matters on the agenda, and these were some of the items in the broadcast:

  • Norway is opening up – this is how the autumn will look for BCC
  • The launch of the 2022 conference year
  • Expectations for the autumn mission broadcast and status of the mission collection
  • Great interest in Samvirk amongst the young people
  • Inspiration and edification

Elder Kåre J. Smith opened the broadcast with a message in which he spoke about truth, and that no one can come to the Father without the Son. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life, and so acknowledging the truth about oneself is the gate that leads to life.

The evening began with a message from Kaare J. Smith and a song from the studio. Photo: BCC Media

This is how autumn and the 2022 conference year will look

The broadcast bore the stamp of joy over the fact that it is finally possible to gather for conferences again. In BCC the experiences are waiting in the wings. This regards both this fall and also further into 2022. The program was presented by Steinar Riise, the leader of the events department.

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Expectations for the autumn mission celebration

The church in Grenland is preparing the mission celebration in October. Elder Bjørn Nilsen and project leader Eliza Aslaksen gave us a glimpse into what we could look forward to, and how we can best prepare ourselves for the occasion.

– Since it has been 150 years this year since Johan Oscar Smith was born, the broadcast will explore the foundation he laid for building the church, says Bjørn Nilsen. Smith was an exceptionally righteous man, who built with Jesus Christ as the foundation. The church continues to be built with the samepurity and righteousness, that is an importance inheritance that we have to keep.

Eliza could tell that they are well on the way with preparations for the event:

– The celebration is going to be rich in content. Amongst other things, we are creating four films about Johan O. Smith, and there will be interesting conversations that we can learn from.

In October, the church in Grenland is preparing a mission celebration, and we were given a taste of what we can look forward to. Photo: BCC Media

New heights for the mission collection

These days, there has been a great deal of involvement in grassroots in BCC, and several thousand are participating in the autumn mission collection. Even before BCC had managed to launch the collection, enthusiastic people were already on board. During the Brunstad Magazine on Sunday evening we got a status update on the collection, where already, more thanr 35 million NOK had been raised.

– The goal was originally set at 18 million NOK. But with a result like this it will be possible to carry out even more mission projects going forward, says an enthusiastic Steinar Riise from BCC.

One of the guests in the studio was Helene Bernhardsen from the local church in Horten. She was full of enthusiasm and thankfulness:

– For me it is simply a matter of thankfulness for the grace God has given me. The fact that I’ve found a happy life compels me to contribute so that others can experience the same thing. I am so excited to be along in contributing to fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.

Helene Bernhardsen was one of the guests in the studio, which expressed great enthusiasm to the mission. Photo: BCC Media

Overwhelming interest in Samvirk among the young people

Samvirk, the consumers’ cooperative that has been established to offer the next generation the opportunity to acquire accomodations during BCC’s conferences and events, is experiencing overwhelming interest.

– There are 2500 young people who have signed up for the savings program. This is very promising, says head of board Robin Fuglset. Joining him in the broadcast were four passionate young people from various countries, who were enthusiastic for the drive in their local churches, and for the possibilities it gives going forward.

This is the Brunstad Magazine

The Brunstad Magazine is a monthly information and inspiration broadcast for the members and fellow believers in BCC. The TV program has its finger on the pulse of church life, and conveys the latest news about key projects, finances and organization to viewers on all continents.