Started the autumn in BCC with a gathering for employees

This week, the autumn was kicked off with a general meeting and late summer event for employees of BCC and cooperating organizations. The aim of the gathering was to inform, inspire and instill unity and motivation for the tasks ahead.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by BCC

It has been an active summer with a lot of hard work for many of the employees, who, among other things, delivered a number of summer events in July and August. These received an extra thank you this evening.

The late summer event marked the end of the summer period, and a new start for everyone working at the headquarters in Moss, Norway.

Together in our common mission: The Great Commission

BCC is in the middle of a major reorganization, which makes it especially important to come together for information and inspiration, and to create a common understanding of the goals and tasks that lie ahead. For everyone working in BCC, Jesus’ Great Commission is the overriding objective. And when this purpose becomes the way of thinking for every employee, it is a source of motivation, unity and desire to perform their part of the mission. Good information brings us together and helps us work for a common goal.

Inspiring speeches for the employees. Photo: BCC

The afternoon started with inspiring messages by Kåre J. Smith and Bjørn Nilsen. Nice music, festive decorations and delicious food put the finishing touches on the gathering, which also included laid-back and humorous elements. The business managers and the secretariat of BCC presented the plans for the coming year, which had been adopted by the Assembly of Representatives this summer.

The following items were presented:

  • An updated status of the development of the BCC foundation, and the business plans for the new centralized organization
  • The business plan for BCC Media, and an updated status of the Bible X project
  • The business plan for the mission organization (BMS International)
  • The business plan for BCC Norway 
  • Information from the events department (BCC Events)
  • Information from the A-team program
  • Information from Brunstad Youth Club (BUK)
  • Information about income, internal communication and community contact in the BCC federation

After a long period of strict restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, old and new employees are welcomed back to the office. It was a motivated and cheerful group who concluded the event in the evening sun on the outdoor terrace, with dessert and social activities.

Colleagues ready to celebrate. Photo: BCC