BCC has published its annual reports for 2020

Today, BCC published its annual reports for 2020. They give information about organizational structure, finances and other activities. As part of BCC’s broader vision, mission work continues to be a primary focus throughout all of its operations.

By Johanne Reiersrud / Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

The BCC Federation’s annual report

The ability of renewal is central in maintaining good  frameworks for Christian work. For more than 120 years, BCC existed without a formal international structure. In 2020, the faith community reached a milestone when it took the first steps towards establishing itself as an international federation, thus ensuring an efficient and robust organization for many decades to come.

The BCC Federation’s annual report describes its overall operations and the organizations’ compiled annual accounting records for 2020. The report also describes the establishment of the BCC Federation from a historical perspective, from its beginning with only one man, through its development as an international faith community.

See the annual report for the BCC Federation here.

Supplementary annual report from BCC’s Norwegian association

Due to the ongoing reorganization, two annual reports were produced this year. Much of last year’s activities took place in BCC’s Norwegian association (organization number 979 961 073). Therefore, this association publishes its annual accounting records and supplementary information in this separate report.

Here, you find information about the extensive investment in online conferences and virtual edification by the association in 2020. Although the Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected its activities, BCC experienced that a crisis can also lead to more creativity, development, and new ways of meeting one another.

See the annual report for BRUNSTAD CHRISTIAN CHURCH here.

Even though BCC’s organizational structure is developing along with general society, its purpose remains the same as it has been since the beginning:

To make disciples of all nations, and to teach them to keep Jesus’ commandments. (Matthew 28:19-20)