BCC’s annual report for 2019 has been published

Now BCC’s annual report for 2019 is ready, and here you can find the whole report, annual accounts and auditor statement for last year. Read about how we take care of the gifts we receive and how the associations activities contribute to fulfilling our Christian charitable objective.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

The annual report was approved in the meeting of the Assembly of Representatives, which was held online on 13 July 2020.

In the annual report we tell more about the activities that lie behind the numbers, with illustrations, graphics and a comprehensive description of our activities.

Here you can also read about the type of organisation BCC is, how we are organised and the parties we collaborate with.

Read the report here: BCC’s annual report 2019


Activity accounting makes it easier to see how funds are used

In 2019 we changed to activity accounting, a new accounting standard for charitable organisations. The intention is that both donors and other interested parties can more easily see how the associations funds are used and how much is applied to charitable activities.

In the report you can read about BCC’s focus areas and about the work carried out in 2019, including in relation to media, events, missionary activities and youth exchange programs.

Key figures at the start of the report give a simple overview of the economic picture. In 2019 BCC had income consisting of raised funds of 285 million NOK.

The overview below shows where income comes from:


60% of funds come from donors and donor organisations connected to BCC

Last year BCC received 172 million NOK in gifts and grants from private persons, businesses and organisations which support our charitable objectives. That combined makes up 60% of the total income.

Previously we wrote about gifts from Norwegian members and companies covered by the tax relief system in Norway, whereas the annual report also shows what we received in total, both from in Norway and abroad. BCC is an international faith community and that is reflected in our donations received.

The overview below shows where donors come from:


Christian events with record attendance

Christian conferences are BCC’s most important arena for preaching and fellowship, and last year we arranged 7 international conferences. These are large events with between 3,500 and 11,000 participants, and in 2019 there was a record number participating.

The first overview shows income from operational activities made up 18% of raised funds. Operational activities mostly consist of participant contributions to attend conferences which make up a large part of the financial picture.

Other income and state subsidy

Concerning BCC’s other income, 15% comes from finance and investment income and 1% from other income.

In addition BCC received a total state subsidy as a faith community from both national and local government of 9.7 million NOK. We also received 7.2 million NOK in VAT compensation for voluntary organisations. Combined these two income sources make up 6% of the associations income.

An extraordinary decade draws to a close

At the end of 2019 the associations net assets were 975.9 million NOK. Of that 832.2 million NOK is placed in a designated fund with internally imposed restrictions, managed separately from the operating finances of the organisation. This fund will ensure the long term realisation of BCC’s charitable objective, which is mission.

In our annual report you can read about the extraordinary fundraising campaign which has contributed to both BCC and local churches increasing their net assets significantly in the last decade. Behind this is a heart warming enthusiasm and effort from thousands of our members.


The aim of the fund raising action has been to build up a sustainable financial position both centrally and locally. So that the coming generation also gets the opportunity to gather around the gospel. BCC’s objective is connected to Jesus’ great commission to make disciples of those who have that desire. With the whole earth as a field of work and a goal to teach people practical Christianity there is a need for substantial means and good tools.