From Cameroon to Summer Conference: Received Visas on the Same Day

This summer, there are 14 participants from Cameroon attending BCC's summer conference. Despite various challenges along the way, they are thrilled to be here and are also contributing through voluntary efforts during the conference.

“When I come here, I forget our differences”

Claude (67 years old) and Lucie Kue Kamdem (62 years old) are both retirees and come from Bafoussam in Cameroon. The church there has 120 members.

They agree that being physically present at the gatherings on Brunstad is a much better experience than watching transmissions on TV.

“I come to Brunstad primarily to gain insight into my own life. I want to put into practice what I hear and progressively overcome sin in my life. When I hear the preaching, especially from Kåre J. Smith, I feel drawn forward. He speaks so simply that even I, who haven’t attended school, can understand it,” Lucie exclaims.

Claude and Lucie find their stay at Brunstad to be a highlight, and there is no shortage of invitations and offers during their time here.

“Here we meet many friends. We talk with each other, laugh together, visit each other, and care for each other,” Claude says.

“The fellowship is absolutely unique. I can’t explain it. When I come here, I forget our differences. I don’t think ‘I am black, and they are white’ – no, they are my brothers and sisters, and we share the same calling,” Claude says with enthusiasm.

“When I think about what I receive at Brunstad, financial and other challenges related to the journey become very insignificant in comparison.”

ℹ️ So that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the conferences, BCC Event supports members from countries with low purchasing power. Both participation and accommodation are sponsored.

Instructive to see how voluntary work is organized

At each conference, there are thousands of volunteer shifts filled by various local churches. Alongside other fellow believers from Cameroon, they have volunteered to keep the place clean and tidy during the conference. Claude finds it educational to observe how the work is organized to maintain the place, and he plans to take this practical experience back to Cameroon.

Lucie is also happy to be here: “For me, this is something I do to show gratitude to God, and I believe it is fair to contribute with joy.”

The participants from Cameroon worked several voluntary shifts during the summer conference.

Received the visa on the same day as departure to Norway

Veronique belongs to BCC Douala in Cameroon, where there are around 110 members. She is married and a mother of five children aged 18 months to 16 years. Her daily life in Cameroon involves taking care of her children and home, as well as working to sell firewood.

Veronique talks about an intensely exciting period leading up to the departure:

“My husband was informed that his visa application was rejected some time ago, while I had not yet heard about mine. On the day of departure, I received notice that my visa application was approved. So, I quickly booked a flight ticket.”

While the flight tickets can be expensive, one should wait until obtaining the visa before booking them to avoid wasting money in case of a potential rejection. However, she emphasizes that she has no regrets prioritizing attending the conference.

“I needed to come here and hear the Gospel that can help me. When I come to Brunstad, I feel at home and loved!”

Veronique Tatie (left) on a boat trip with her compatriots.

I want to live the life I see in others

She says that meeting the other believers again is her main motivation for coming to the summer conference.

“The friends here are very warm towards me. I feel more and more inspired to live the life I see in others. They are good examples that I wish to follow.

She makes herself understood through body language, gestures, and, not least, aids like Google Translate: “We can communicate well despite language barriers, which makes our fellowship stronger.”

As she returns to her everyday life in Cameroon, Veronique will carry with her what she has heard at the conference and focus on being a good mother to her children.

“I want to do more for others”

At the conference, Olga is inspired to do something good for those she interacts with.

Olga Touoyim (47) is another participant from Douala, Cameroon. She is married and a mother of seven children, working in furniture sales. Hearing God’s word at the conference has made a significant impact on Olga.

“I want to partake in this life. We learned about loving our brothers and sisters in our home church and doing good for those around us. Often, I thought I had done enough, but now I understand it more clearly. I want to do more for others than I previously thought!”

The conference’s highlights include the gatherings where music plays a central role. Additionally, Olga cherishes the opportunity to meet friends from across borders and, most importantly, to spend more time with friends from her own country. Here, they have more quality time together than in their everyday lives.

For Olga, contributing voluntarily is a natural part of her involvement. “When we are in Cameroon, we follow the transmissions, but being present is something entirely different. For me, it’s important to be able to participate in volunteer work together; it’s like a confirmation that we belong to the same body.”