Churches as Community Builders

This week, BCC Norway took part in meetings of leaders in the Christian Council of Norway. Among the guests were the Minister for Religious and Life-stance Affairs, Kjersti Toppe, and County Governor Valgerd Svarstad Haugland.

“It’s important to discuss what it means to be a society open to different lifestances and make room for both religious minorities and majorities”, said Minister Toppe at the meeting.

The theme of the day was “Churches as Community Builders”. BCC Norway’s board chairwoman Berit Hustad Nilsen took part.

“It was particularly interesting to experience the good, open tone of the meeting, both among the leaders, and between the leaders and Minister Toppe. Her praise of the efforts of churches during the corona pandemic was right; a great many children and young people have been cared for via the faith communities over a difficult time”, said Hustad Nilsen.

Read more about the day on the Christian Council of Norway’s web pages:

Board meeting of the Christian Council of Norway on 12 May. Minister of Religious and Life-stance Affairs Kjersti Toppe was one of the guests. Photo: Christian Council of Norway