A healthy environment to grow up in for children and young people

Our wish is for everyone who grows up in our church community to remember their childhoods as safe and good, irrespective of whether they decide to remain members as adults.

The text is an extract of articles in BCCs annual report for 2019.

BCC has steadily increasing membership numbers, and by the end of 2019 had 8,814 registered members in Norway. More than 50% of these are children and young people under the age of 25. The age distribution also shows that a high proportion of young members choose to remain in the church as adults, a trend that continued in 2019.

For most, membership in BCC is a source of fellowship and joy, where one finds belonging through a common faith.

BCC’s objective is Jesus’ Great Commission, and our desire is to exemplify love of our fellow man and provide inspiration for an active Christian life. This is accomplished through religious instruction, person to person and by helping, guiding and protecting.

Many young people in BCC find belonging through a common faith. Photo by BCC.

Volunteer efforts in the church communies

Up to 60% of Norway’s population participates in volunteer work each year, and for BCC’s members, the church community is a perfect arena for this. Being a Christian is about building society, and many of our members are engaged in church community work for children and youth.

Volunteer work is conducted on many fronts with many committed members, whether in youth activities, spiritual ministries, music, or administrative work in local churches.

Making good experiences for children and youth

More than 50 % of BCC’s members are younger than 25 years old. Working for children and youth is therefore high on our list of organizational priorities, and many are enthusiastic to help as best possible that children have good experiences in the church communities.

Our wish is for everyone who grows up in our church community to remember their childhoods as safe and good, irrespective of whether they decide to remain members as adults.

Many members in BCC are dedicated to voluntary work, in order to make good experiences for children and youth in the church communities. Photo by BCC

Protection work in the Resource Team

BCC has participated for years in the Church Resource Centre Against Violence and Sexual Abuse, and attends annual professional seminars and conferences to stay up to date academically and get input for our organization’s work. Guidelines have been developed and local training has been given in local associations as part of the protective work against abuse, misconduct and other unwanted incidents.

In 2019, nine courses were held in local churches in Norway, in which guidelines, notification procedures and local measures were presented.

The Resource Team has taken initiative to form a working group of volunteers who work with prevention in each local church. Members and volunteers can contact this group with questions or for advice. The group consists of different competencies and is representative in relation to gender and age.

All preventive work has a goal that the churches are healthy and good environments for children and young people, a place where children can feel they are valued and loved. In that way the church can function as an extended network, an arena in addition to home and school, where there is care, support for achievement, and all individuals can thrive.