This is what will be online this summer from BCC

In line with the Norwegian authorities’ restrictions based on Covid 19, both BCC’s Summer Conferences have been cancelled. It is the first time since 1950 that these conferences have not taken place, but as an alternative BCC will offer activities and content  online.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

The members received news of the cancellations at the beginning of May, after the authorities had announced that the ban on gatherings of over 500 people would be continued over the summer.

Online alternatives from the Easter Conference onwards will be provided

Work that has been put in to create solutions for an online alternative will be very useful this summer. In conjunction with the Media Department already offering weekly transmissions, every effort is being made to plan good online material for all target groups over several days in July.

The summer transmissions will contain interactive edification from many corners of the world, as at Easter where the members can share their own photos or texts or video clips. Inaddition, there will be an assortment of activities for the children which can be carried out within the family or in local groups.

Local Churches can be together again

News that we  now are able to gather up to 50 people in Norway means that local churches have the possibility to meet up again in smaller groups.

The Christian Council of Norway have worked out guidelines for infection control which are valid for both church meetings and youth activities work. BCC has encouraged the local churches and everyone involved in church work to follow these  guidelines.

– Let us bless those we are together with

BCC and its members are unaccustomed to and challenged by the fact that we cannot gather at our conferences and our usual events as we are used to doing, and in view of this, leader Kaare J Smith sent a greeting to all members at the beginning of May.

Here he encourages parents in particular to make it as good as possible for the children and the family even though it will not be the holiday they planned.

“Let us remain in love, be inventive in everything that is good and bless those we are together with. Since we cannot have conferences this year, I want to contribute to there being a contentful programme of events online. This will be the same for everyone, regardless of where you spend the Summer weeks. We will preach God’s word, and there will be plenty of interesting and edifying content both for children, youth and adults throughout the whole of July”, writes Kåre J. Smith.

BCC is delighted to offer online events for its members. For us The Summer Conference is one of the highlights of the year and therefore we see it as essential to produce an alternative for the members so that we can continue to get inspiration, help and comfort in practicing Christianity.