Love for others across land borders

"Usually, we travel to conferences and enjoy a well-organized program which others have put together. And every time we evaluate it, we say that this was the best conference we’ve ever been to. This year the level rose once again."

This is a message we got from Karin, one of the volunteers at this weekend’s conference. She comes from Holstebro, Denmark, where around 90 women from the local church took time off from work to assist BCC Event with the preparations for BCC’s sister’s conference this weekend.

The fact that we had the opportunity to participate in the planning of this conference significantly changed the experience for us. It made it even better.

Being allowed to help created such joyful anticipation for weeks before we traveled to the conference. We got into different groups and put our heads together to plan lounge areas, decoration, and activities. Our goal was that only the best is good enough for the many thousands of sisters who were looking forward to getting together again. An important secondary aim was to think about each of the different target groups, so that everyone would feel like we had considered them in our planning.

Being able to contribute to the planning for a conference means that you focus a little more on whether what was planned succeeded as well as it was intended. So far we’ve received a lot of good feedback, and it’s a great joy for us to see so many fellow sisters who are really enjoying the fellowship here, both during and between meetings.

One of the highlights of volunteering for us was on Friday just after the evening meeting, when we handed out about 3000 servings of Chicken Tika Masala. As we distributed the food, we met women from all over the world with whom we had a short chat before they disappeared off to eat supper. It was a feast to be part of the evening gathering just outside the meeting hall. The temperature was just 2° Celsius, but we kept warm under lamps and through all the warm smiles we received.

We have such a good time when working together here, time just flies by. It makes a task like this unforgettable, and makes us feel like we can give back a little bit for everything that we have received from others over the years. Being able to contribute ourselves means that the sister’s conference 2022 will forever be anchored in our memories in a very special way.

Before the conference program began, when we met on Friday evening for a cup of coffee in the lounge, and later at the evening meeting heard about love for others, we were even more inspired to help make it the best possible experience for others. The message of being able to accommodate and love each and every one of your friends and those around you is something to work more with going forward.