Watch the video: Beautiful is the land that you have given to us

May 17th 2020 was a day that we will long remember, when the whole country sang the National anthem in our homes. Take a glimpse as to how BCC celebrated the day here.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by BCC

We are glad to live in a country where one generation after another can grow up in freedom, peace and safety. More than 200 years ago the country got its own constitution, which is built on values that we greatly appreciate today. Several times these values have been fought for, and thanks to our brave forefathers and mothers we can rejoice that we are still experiencing freedom and peace.

Transmission of the feast from our interactive TV studio

To celebrate a national day which was different than usual, BCC arranged a feast transmission from the interactive TV studio which has been of great benefit and joy in a rather special time. Here you can watch the video of members from Bergen, who honoured their fatherland with a beautiful version of the hymn “Beautiful is the land that you have given to us”.

Click on the picture to watch the music video “Beautiful is the land,” performed by the Seasound Band and Choir.

Several local churches have been engaged in making high quality musical contributions and films, which resulted in a worthy celebration, despite the limitations. Members from both Norway and the rest of the world participated in the transmission by sending in video greetings and festive photos. For members from abroad this was an opportunity to get to know something of Norwegian culture, which we gladly share on this day.

A historic national day

In Norway we are both thankful and proud of the democratic and safe values that are upheld in our society, something which has been made more apparent by the way that the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled. Charity and community spirit are firmly on the agenda, and we stand together to do the best that we can for one another.

At BCC we believe that living a life in love to God and the others is the most important thing we can do, contributing to the continuation of peace and freedom both in the homes, the church and the community.

Congratulations on the day Norway!