Online event: BCC shares experiences

Are you interested in technology? During Easter, BCC tested a new interactive TV studio and accompanying app on more than 10,000 viewers from many countries. Read more about the functions here.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk/ Dorothy Vedvik

During Easter 2020, BCC arranged a whole conference online for the first time, where all participants followed along from their own homes. In the week leading up to it, a huge technical developmental work took place and a completely new and advanced TV studio was built.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will likely be limitations on the assembly of large amounts of people for some time to come. There are many organizations and clubs in the same situation as BCC, and several other Christian churches have already expressed interest in using our studio. We would like to share our experience with others, so that even more can benefit from using the studio.

WATCH THE VIDEO: New TV studio takes form in just three weeks

The following is a technical presentation with film and pictures showing the possibilities that the studio offers.

Facts about the TV studio

Studio A

  • Several studio settings:
    • Seated conversation panel (scene1)
    • Standing conversation panel (scene1)
    • Pulpit (scene 2)
    • Presentation mode

Swipe to the right to see the various studio settings:

  • LED screen measuring a total of 140 square meters divided on two sides. This allows great flexibility with many opportunities for different profiling/graphics
  • Multi-camera production: typically, 10 cameras in studio A, which are remotely controlled from backstage
  • The main attraction is the bow-shaped main screen measuring 116 square meters. Here we can see amongst other things:
    • The number of participants who have checked in via the app
    • Profile pictures of participants who have checked in
    • A world map showing where active participants are watching from
      (for transmissions in Norway, it is possible to zoom in to different regions)
    • Live feed from different locations via Skype TX for broadcasters; 8 channels available
    • Graphics and presentation in various formats

Studio B

  • A separate studio for live music
    • Light, sound and picture setup which is connected to Studio A. This allows a smooth transition between different elements in the program
    • Flexible furnishings allowing the possibility for different profiles
  • Multi-camera production: typically 4 cameras in Studio B

Swipe to see more pictures of studio B

Technical areas

  • In the immediate vicinity of the studio, a backstage area is available for control of LED screens and further distribution.
  • Outside Broadcasting bus, main control and picture control are responsible for further distribution.

Swipe to the right to see more about technical distribution

This is how interactive participation takes place

A two-device solution has been developed with its own app/website which is connected to the LED screen in the studio. Users can watch the transmission on a TV screen, while using the app/website live on another device. This activity can be shown on the LED screen in the studio in different ways, giving viewers a greater feeling of being present, in a virtual way.

In the app/on the website, participants can:

  • Check in to the event and see how many others are checked in
  • Stream directly from a PC, mobile or other device
  • Send in greetings in the form of videos, pictures or short texts
  • Participate in live voting (up to 4 possible options)

Updates on the TV screen/feed:

  • Texts and pictures from participants can be shown before and after the transmission
  • They can also be shown during an element in the program where they will not be a distraction
  • Credits, lyrics, or other information can be shown during the program at the bottom of the screen

See an example of how the studio is used in practice: Childrens Easter Meeting 11th April

Satisfied users after the first online conference

After the Easter conference, a survey was sent out to measure the participants’ experience of the event. Close to 3,000 users over the age of 13 answered the survey:

“I felt like I have been a part of ‘Easter 2020 Online’ through interactive participation, even though I had been watching from a distance”:

3,6 average rating

“What was your experience like using two devices at the same time during the transmission?”

4,0 average rating


“Ranging from 1-5 (where 5 is best) How did you experience the following:
Setup of the TV studio”

“Ranging from 1-5 (where 5 is best) How did you experience the following:
How much added value have the new solutions (TV studio, sending in of testimonies etc.) given you?

Continuing the development of BCC Online

BCC is planning to produce several online conferences, as long as the situation continues the way it is now.

The organization has for many years focused on technological expertise, because technology is a tool for reaching out with the gospel. The success of the first virtual event is nevertheless no reason to rest on our laurels. Now we are working on adjusting technical solutions, and not least developing content and concepts for different target groups.

Watch a video from the studio

Here you can see more of how the studio works in practice. This is an excerpt from a meeting during the Easter Conference when the song “Day has dawned now, sorrow’s gone now” was sung.