Summer Conference in South Africa

This years annual Summer conference held at Stephanopark in South Africa, was the most well-attended on record.

By: Tim Hines – Photo: Lydia Floor

Nearly 400 participants from twelve different countries across Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australasia gathered at BCC South Africa’s conference centre in the Province of Gauteng. The African continent was well represented with visitors from Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Sommerkonferanse i Sør-Afrika
Participants gathered at BCC South Africa’s conference centre 

At a local level, Brunstad Christian Church South Africa is a diverse mix of people from across the African Continent together with several who have emigrated from Europe.

The summer conference is the highpoint of the year for BCC South Africa. Spiritual nourishment, fun activities and lots of time to spend together with good friends from around the globe make this an extra special occasion.

For those who like an early start, the Summer Run takes place before the heat of the African sun begins to build. Runners of all ages compete over varying distances, cheered on by a handful of enthusiastic supporters.

20170110_sor-afrika_konferanse_0320170110_sor-afrika_konferanse_02Sommerkonferanse i Sør-Afrika

Games are organised for the children and those not old enough to join in splash happily in the plaza water spouts, their parents looking on whilst enjoying an iced coffee from The Hub coffee shop.

Kåre J. Smith has prioritised travelling to the summer conference in South Africa for several years. At the final gathering of the conference, Smith speaks to an attentive assembly. – On the cross, the wisdom and power of God is revealed. If Jesus, who was the wisdom of God, had given into his flesh just once, then it would have been impossible for us to be saved. He went through everything a human being can go through with a flesh just like you and me. He was of the seed of David and partook of flesh and blood in the same way as the children. In this way you receive a Jesus you can follow.

Sommerkonferanse i Sør-Afrika
Kåre J. Smith’s speeches are being translated into English

The gospel that leads to a happy, overcoming life is proclaimed at the conference and is relevant and applicable wherever you live in the world. For the church in South Africa, it creates hope and faith for the future.