Representantskapsmøte 3. des 2022

The Following was Approved at the Assembly of Representatives

On Saturday 3 December, an Extraordinary Assembly of Representatives was convened in the BCC Federation. Here we present an overview of the decisions.

The notice of the meeting and agenda were approved, with Berit Hustad Nilsen as Chairperson and Trond Eivind Johnsen as Secretary. All matters presented at the meeting were approved.

The meeting was held at the Oslofjord Convention Center. In addition to the 179 elected representatives, over 200 observers from various countries participated.

Economic framework and new long-term financial plan

As the world economic situation has changed very quickly, the Representative Assembly decided that a new long-term financial plan will be drawn up for the BCC Federation and the joint initiatives. This replaces the current plan that was previously adopted by the Assembly of Representatives, for the period 2019-2030. A new plan for 2023-2032 will be presented at the Representative Assembly in 2023.

Assembly of Representatives board meeting on 3. December 2022
Establishment of the Finance Committee

Establishment of the Finance Committee and its members

A decision was made to set up a finance committee to assist in the work on a new long-term financial plan (see the matter above). This is to ensure that the Representative Assembly has the best possible decision-making basis. Members of the Finance Committee were chosen on the basis of expertise in finance and management, and consist of 11 members, from Norway, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany.

Election of members to the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is an associate body in the BCC Federation, whose task is to propose candidates for central positions in the BCC Federation and to assist with board evaluation. The Nomination Committee was expanded by two new members who were elected for a period of two years.

Orientation on the postponement of proceedings on conditions for membership

The Assembly of Representatives was informed that the Board of Elders needs more time to work on the issue of conditions for membership. It is desirable to make specifications, distinctions and to ensure the quality of the terms so that they sustainable for the future. The Board of Elders will present updated conditions for membership for Assembly of Representatives and for the National Meeting of BCC Norway in 2023.

Changes in the Articles of Association for BMS International

The mission organization runs an important part of the international mission work in the BCC Federation, including through ownership and management of mission centers and social entrepreneurship. The Assembly of Representatives was presented with amended and revised articles of association, which included language changes and minor updates, and approved that these be adopted by the Board of BMS International.

Distribution from BCC Fund to Disposition Fund

It was agreed that short-term cost increases due to high inflation, the energy crisis and interest rate increases should be covered by the Disposition Fund in the BCC Federation for 2022. The Assembly of Representatives supports a distribution from the BCC Fund STI for this purpose, however to be limited to a maximum of the year’s return (approx. NOK 25 million).