See pictures from the feast evening here

We are in the second conference week, with a festive feeling in the air as friends meet up and greet one another. There was an inspiring feast yesterday evening, with an outdoor concert. Check out the pictures here.

The conferences are the heart of church life; adults and youth gather to be strengthened in their faith, while the children enjoy time with their friends, play, and activities in the conference areas. The conferences revolve around the Word of God, which is preached with both power and clarity. For many of the participants, who have traveled here from all over the world, the conferences are a source of strength that keeps us coming back, year after year.

There was an inspiring feast evening yesterday, with films, musical contributions, and testimonies from several countries, including South America, France, India, and Africa. Faith and hope for the future were shared amongst people of many nationalities and languages. Many people expressed deep thankfulness for the unity which comes as a result of the clear preaching of God’s word.

Afterwards the program continued outside in the Festival square, with singalongs and many captivating musical pieces from onstage.

See pictures from the feast here:

See pictures from the concert here:

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