The best help we can provide

Many of us long for the summer conferences, every single year. Long summer days with more time together, play and friendship, and the word of God preached clearly. This summer’s first conference opened on Saturday, with a packed hall and anticipation in the air.

The conference was opened on Saturday night in the meeting hall at Oslofjord Convention Center.

“From the cross God’s light and pow’r shine clearly, So darkness and despair must flee. Blest is he who in the truth rejoices And from sinning has been gloriously set free,” sang the choir in the opening number. The hall was filled with fellow believers of all ages: parents with toddlers on their laps, groups of young people, and seniors, who could finally receive this same uplifting message from the pulpit.

The meeting opened with a message by Kåre J. Smith, followed by several shorter messages. The content is interpreted simultaneously into approximately 20 languages for those needing translation in the hall, and via streaming to viewers in around 50 countries. We heard about the word of God, which contains a creating power and can do miracles in our lives.

“The best help we can provide for people is to give them the word of God,” Smith said.

And that is why we are gathered for the conference and feel that we are drawn back here, year after year. The word brings us together across international borders, and when it is received and practiced in each individual, it creates unity and peace in homes and congregations.

A place to gather for the holidays

In the last decade, BCC has invested a lot to have arenas to meet in, where there is room for adults and the growing generation. The conferences at Brunstad in the summer and during the rest of the year create good memories for thousands of children and young people.

The Christian message is preached in a way that is adapted to several age groups, and sound, good activities are arranged for the children and young people. This year, we also mark the completion of the major development that has taken place at Oslofjord in recent years, and we can take full advantage of the place during our conferences. It provides great opportunities for fellowship for many more people.

Facts – the summer conferences 2022:

On 16 July, the first of two summer conferences in BCC opened. Each conference lasts seven days, and consists of faith building, fellowship and a number of activities for children and young people at the Oslofjord Convention Center.

This year, the attendance at the summer events is so great that the entire capacity of the place is filled. To accommodate everyone who wants to come, two conferences are being held, with a separate camp for young people in the week between.

Almost 9,000 people have registered for the conference in July, and over 7,000 participants in August. Children and young people under the age of 18 make up 40% of these, and the events are very international, with participants coming from 35 countries around the world.