Looking back at Summer Camp 2019

Five days of summer camp at Brunstad are now over, but we’ll treat ourselves to a brief look back at some photos, and at the same time thank participants, mentors, planners and all of the volunteers who came and made the camp a success. Click on the picture to see the film!

Film/editing: BrunstadTV

Summer Camp 2019 brought together 4,000 young people from 35 countries all around the world. The five-day program has been full to brimming with activities and edification. A huge effort has been made by many: the main sponsor, Brunstad Youth Club, together with BCC and all of the volunteers, created experiences that will continue to make an impression long into the future. BCC’s second summer conference will be starting soon, but we’re already looking forward to next year’s Summer Camp.

Click on the picture above for a three-minute look back and see photos from the final evening below!

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The atmospheric final evening in the hall was an ending worthy of the five-day camp. Photo: BCC

Guests with guitars who contributed good stories, humor, and songs from on-stage. Photo: BCC

The evening continued outside with food, entertainment, and a concert. Photo: BCC

4,000 young people enjoyed the summer evening down by the pier. Photo: BCC

These girls are from France and participated together with more than 70 other French youth. Photo: BCC

The dance group presented several superb numbers. Photo: BCC

The final evening had something for everyone and was a fitting end to this year’s Summer Camp at Brunstad. Photo: BCC