Great Expectations for International Summer Camp in Norway

The first summer camp at Brunstad in Westfold opened Thursday, arranged by the Brunstad Youth Club and BCC.  There are around 4,000 young people from 35 countries gathered here for 5 days of summer activities and Christian sharing.

By: Johanne Reiersrud – Photos by: Adelle Cheetham – Videos by: Julie Nygård/BrunstadTV

“It is hugely motivating for us to see all the excited young people arriving to Brunstad, and looking forward to the camp”, says Peter Tischhauser, leader for the Brunstad Youth Club.  The youth club is the main organizer for the summer camp, in close cooperation with BCC, when it comes to the Christian content, among other things.

The last few days a flow of pictures have come from hundreds of excited young people on their way to the camp. The participants are coming from all parts of the world, and enthusiastic youth groups from South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and China, are among those who participated in the opening program on Thursday evening.

The group from South Africa sang a powerful, African version of Baba Yetu (Our Father). Photo: BCC

14 different activities offered and possibilities for everyone

The targeted age group for the camp is youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years, but there are almost as many mentors registered, who will be assisting the younger participants during their time at the camp. Youth clubs coming from countries with reduced purchasing power receive pricing that corresponds to their home countries, making it possible for everyone to be along.

The participants can look forward to a varied and well-prepared program.  During the days there are over 14 different activities to choose from, while several of the evenings are reserved for athletic tournaments and Christian meetings in the main conference center.  Youth workers from around the world will provide support in conveying the message.

Click here, or on the picture above, to see some expectations a few of the young people have for the summer camp!

Tracey (18), Gennevieve (15), Natalie ( 15), Kate (14) og Serena (17) have traveled from Oregon in the USA together with over 90 other young people. Photo: BCC

German young people have arrived at the camp, and are waiting for it to start. Photo: BCC

The atmosphere was great on Thursday evening, during the soccer scrimmages between Western Europe and Scandinavia.  Photo: BCC