Mission collection reaches 15 million

Every six months, BCC holds a new mission event, arranged by the different local churches. The collection that is taken up prior to the event is part of an important contribution to BCC’s Christian work. This weekend’s event exceeded the collection goal by over 50%, with generous contributions from members from around the world.

By Berit Hustad Nilsen – Photos by BCC

The mission event, also known as a Brunstad Feast, was held on Saturday, March 30th, by the local church in Fulda, Germany. Around 200 people worked to prepare an inspiring event with the theme “The Word of the Cross Can Set You Free”.  The theme was based on, among other Bible verses, 1 Corinthians 1:17-18. These words are central to the work of preaching the Christian message. BCC works to give all interested an education in living everything that Jesus taught us, and this is also the reason behind arranging these events and collections.

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Organizers had set the goal for the mission collection at 10 million Norwegian kroner (NOK). But when the result was revealed, more than 15 millions had been given by members around the world. These gifts are an important contribution to BCC’s work, and below you can read a little about how this money is put to use.

Children are the future and a great deal of the motivation for BCC’s rigorous and varied church programs. These talented singers from Fulda opened the mission event on 30th March. Photo: BCC

Production and distribution of TV – programs

BrunstadTV produces several programs designed to awaken an interest in the life of a disciple. One example is “In Front”, a magazine program for teenagers and youth groups who are involved in Christian work.

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Several other concepts are in production phase, along with films that can be used in Sunday School work, and films that explain central concepts in the gospel based on material from Brunstad Bible School. We look forward to showing more later in 2019.

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BrunstadTV is developing online TV further, where members from around the world can follow along with international Christian gatherings from their homes, whether it is in the Amazon of Brazil, in India or Cameroon, to name a few of the countries who can access streaming. A comprehensive archive of produced programs is available, and a large portion of these will soon be available for everyone to watch.

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Missionary support

BCC wishes that all those who want to hear the Word of the cross and BCC’s Christian teachings, are given the opportunity to attend our conferences. To support this goal, BCC covers some of the costs of conferences and accommodation for people from lower income countries.

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Literature made available

BCC has activity in around 50 countries, and shares preaching and edification on a daily basis through BrunstadTV, as well as the digital portal for literature and media; BMM. Here you can find the Church’s songs, a literature database, and messages from conferences going many years back. A lot of resources are put into the operation of both the online portal and missionary websites, so that the content is updated and available at all times.

Furthermore, daily podcasts are broadcasted on BMM, encouraging us to live a personal Christian life. This is a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge about the gospel, and has around 8,000 daily listeners from every continent. The podcast is translated into 16 languages.

BCC is working to make our Christian literature even more accessible, both through our member portal and through Active Christianity’s websites. Here you can find valuable material that will also be updated in the future.

Safe children and youth – preventative measures

In this weekend’s TV broadcast, children and youth played an important role in the program. This is indicative of BCC’s objectives; children and young people are an important group for all our Christian activities. In order for all the important work the churches do for children and young people to be safe and secure, BCC has worked systematically over many years to develop good routines for preventing violence, sexual abuse and other undesirable incidents.

Important guidelines and resources can be found here: A Safe Organization. As we wish to continue this work, a resource team is constantly working to improve and develop routines, materials, action plans and follow-up plans for all the local church branches.

The list goes on, but the above is a small sample of what BCC is currently working on. We have a staff of permanent employees, and in addition, many members actively engage in volunteer efforts, donating both money and time. The mission collection in Fulda is proof of this. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.

Young musicians performed beautiful music at the event in Fulda. Photo: BCC

Guests from many different countries participated in the TV-broadcasted mission event in Fulda on 30th March. Photo: BCC