Brunstad Christian Church

About us


Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) originated in Norway and is a non-profit Christian organization and international community. BCC has about 8,800 members in Norway distributed among 19 local churches. In addition, there are affiliated assemblies in about 50 countries around the world.

BCC was founded in Norway on May 17th, 1898 when Johan O. Smith was converted and is a direct result of his life and work. The Bible is the ultimate authority and foundation for all of BCC’s activities.

BCC members are brought together by their Christian faith despite various backgrounds, educations, and social groups.

Our aspiration is that both the central organization, our affiliated local congregations, and individuals are positive contributors in society. The work in the local churches is goal oriented towards providing good and well-rounded activities for both children and young people in a Christian context.

BCC has no paid leaders; volunteer work and donations are the basis for all activity in the church.


The name Brunstad Christian Church comes from the property where the church has gathered for over 60 years, Brunstad in Sandefjord municipality, Norway. BCC holds international conferences there several times a year, with members attending from all continents.


BCC was previously referred to as ‘Smith’s Friends’ in Norwegian society because of our founder Johan O. Smith, but this has never been the church’s official name. Read more background here: Did you say Smith’s Friends?


Our vision is for the Christian gospel to reach all peoples and that those who want can receive instruction in living according to what Jesus taught us. BCC is therefore developing networks and meeting places for spiritual teaching and training, with a focus on the next generation.

A themed meeting for youth during a summer conference




BCC members should be characterized by attitudes and lifestyles compatible with esteem and respect for other people, whether they share our beliefs or not.

We as a religious minority respect individual rights to make personal choices according to established social rights regarding political freedom, sexual orientation, and family life.


We believe that it is only through an honest and sincere search for truth that a human being can live a just life. We regard these values as totally foundational for our lives and all our work.


BCC has special focus on children and youth and encourages all affiliated churches to work consciously on this. Activities should be varied and adapted to children’s conditions and characters.

Through praise, encouragement, and positive affirmation we want everyone to have ownership, and feel included and valued within the safe framework church life provides.


We aspire to show charity, care, and generosity to every individual with different preconditions and lifestyles. The overall purpose is to encourage everyone to live as disciples of Jesus according to His Great Commission.


The Bible is the foundation of what we believe in and based on its teachings we want each of our members to feel complete freedom to make their choices based on personal faith and inner conviction.


We want to be positive contributors to society, both as a central organization and as local congregations and individuals. 

Local church life

Most activities take place in local congregations, apart from holidays and conferences. The local churches have active and vibrant group activities, such as:

  • Sunday meetings, where everyone can participate in the edification
  • Additional meetings for youth
  • Sunday school for children
  • Activity clubs for children
  • Group activities for youth

Most of our work, including spiritual teaching, is funded by volunteer work or donations.

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