Bible X - Gate Zero - Kickstarter

Support from all over the world is pouring in for the Bible-themed video game Gate Zero

The crowdfunding campaign for Gate Zero was highly anticipated, and everything suggests that the video game will be highly sought after. In just 79 hours, they managed to reach the funding goal of €200,000.

Bible X, the team behind the upcoming Bible game, surpassed all expectations by reaching the initial funding goal in record time, and support continues to pour in from around the world.

Gate Zero is about exploring the Bible, aiming to be as biblical and historically accurate as possible. The game begins in the future, where the player must solve puzzles left by their deceased grandmother. Players have the opportunity to travel back to 1st-century Israel and experience historical events firsthand.

A pent-up demand for Christian media content

Arve Solli, the leader of the game development initiative, expresses his gratitude and excitement over the massive support the game has received:

“We are incredibly relieved and grateful for the overwhelming response we have received so far. The success shows that there is a strong desire for a high-quality Bible game that can be used by everyone who is interested.”

Arve believes that there is a pent-up demand for modern, Christian media content that engages a new generation.

“Many young Christians today rarely read the Bible. We believe that Gate Zero can help awaken this interest, not as a replacement, but as a supplement.”

Arve Solli

More platforms to come

Although Gate Zero has only been confirmed for release on PC, the goal is to raise enough funds to launch the game on multiple platforms.

“We have taken a big step and secured the funding for the basic game on PC, but from the feedback we can see that many people want the game on Xbox and PlayStation,” Arve explains.

“By releasing the game on these platforms, we can reach three times as many people.”

The game developers now hope to appeal to a broader audience and are seeking support from Christians worldwide who want to help fund the project.

“Many people contact us, asking how they can contribute, even if they don’t play themselves or know how crowdfunding works,” Arve says enthusiastically.

“They want to contribute to spreading the message of Jesus to millions of young people, so we have created a simple user guide that explains how they can support the campaign.”

Lots of interest in the United States

So far, the greatest interest in the project has been generated in the United States, with 55% of those who have supported the project coming from there. There is also significant interest in Norway, with 15%.

“We are immensely grateful for the support from all American gaming enthusiasts; it is invaluable. However, we believe there is great potential among other Christians around the world as well,” says Arve.

The game will be translated into 16 languages so that as many people as possible can enjoy it.

Pre-order at a discounted price

You can pre-order the game by participating in the crowdfunding campaign. It will be possible to secure the game at a discounted price on the Kickstarter campaign page until July 6th.

Expected release in 2024.