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Starting Crowdfunding for a Video Game based on the Bible

Since 2020, Bible X has been working diligently on a groundbreaking gaming project. The goal is to enable today's young Christians to discover the important message of the Bible on platforms they already use.

Over 2.1 billion people worldwide play video games, and the industry is rapidly evolving. By harnessing modern gaming technology, we believe that the gospel message Jesus came with can enlighten and engage a new generation of Christians in a completely new and powerful way. Our desire is for this to spark conversations about faith and encourage independent reflection.

Gate Zero - video game based on the Bible

What is Gate Zero?

Gate Zero is the name of the first game release from Bible X. In Gate Zero, the player is taken back to the source and gets to experience the message of the Bible first-hand.

“Until now, there have been few, if any, high-quality video games based on the Bible, and we want to change that,” says Arve Solli, the head of the project.

Through Gate Zero, players have the opportunity to dive into Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and become familiar with a richly detailed story. A world filled with Jewish customs, Jesus’ teachings, and a prevailing political landscape forms a universe that many young people today are unfamiliar with but is significant to the Christian faith.

Four planned releases

There are four planned releases of Gate Zero, and each release will contain 12 missions, each with 4-6 hours of gameplay. In addition to completing the chapters, players can spend as much time as they want exploring the game’s universe. Here, you can take a virtual tour and be given a guide to explain the world at the time of Jesus. Furthermore, several hundred film sequences will bring the story of Jesus to life and provide context.

Invitation to crowdfunding

Over the past few months, Bible X has been actively promoting Gate Zero and presenting it to thousands of Christians, particularly in the United States.

“The response has been fantastic, and it’s clear that this is a project that generates significant interest,” Arve Solli excitedly shares.

Until now, the development of Gate Zero has been funded through grants from the BCC federation and donations from the biannual mission collections. Now, Bible X wants to give the rest of the Christian world the opportunity to support the development.

“In June, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, which can best be described as a good old-fashioned collective effort, where anyone from around the world can participate.”

The first part of the crowdfunding campaign will be conducted on, a well-known platform for financing creative projects. Here, people from all over the world can contribute their desired amount, and in return, they will receive special rewards when the project is completed.

Gate Zero - video game based on the Bible

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Tested by over 5000 youth

In 2022, a prototype of the game was tested by over 5000 members of the Brunstad Youth Club, focusing on the Easter celebration in the year 33. In the weeks leading up to the Easter camp, the youth played through 9 hours of gameplay, learning all about the Easter celebration and the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. The players provided valuable feedback, which was used for further development of the game.

In the summer of 2022, Bible X released an open demo featuring an introduction to the story, some film sequences, and 20 minutes of gameplay with basic game mechanics. The goal was to allow a broader audience to test the game, resulting in much valuable feedback.