Bible Kids Explorers

Everything is ready for Sunday school mentors

BCC Media is now focusing on one of the media house's flagship projects; namely Bible Kids Explorers. In March, children were able to embark on a new journey through the Bible through interactive learning. Children are able to get more out of the biblical content, and it becomes easier to be a mentor in Sunday school with good resources available.

Explorers is an interactive concept for faith education that takes children on a journey through the Bible. Explorers was launched in 2022 and has been well received by Sunday schools around the world.

Christine Zimakoff

“It’s a fantastic tool, the message is very clear,” says Christine Zimakoff. She is one of those involved in coordinating Sunday school in the local congregation of Eiker and has participated in planning the local implementation of the latest Explorers chapter on David and Saul.

Having a ready-made program that is well-developed both in terms of content and pedagogy is of enormous importance.

Christine Zimakoff

The chapter on David and Saul emphasizes the importance of maintaining a pure heart. Through films, games, and tasks, it is clearly explained what happens if one allows in good things and, conversely, if one allows in evil things.

Facts about Bible Kids Explorers

  • An interactive concept for faith education for children and mentors
  • Contains biblical time travel with movies, games, bible cards, tasks, and quizzes
  • Online resources available in 12 languages
  • Free for use in Sunday schools
  • Funded through collections and donations from the BCC Federation

A festive day for the children

The mentors really went all out to make the implementation of Explorers chapter 3 a real festive day in Eiker. The children were welcomed into a colorful and festively decorated room, served cotton candy and slush, and could choose from many exciting activities in addition to the main attraction, which was the time travel through the Bible.

“The children really got the experience of being the main characters on this day,” says Christine.

Watch a video from the implementation of Bible Kids Explorers here:

Sunday school mentors - Bible Kids Explorers
Volunteer mentors from the local church in Eiker

New mentor sprouts

On this day, the Sunday school in Eiker was divided into 11 groups of 5-10 children who went on a time travel adventure together with mentors. Many Sunday schools have experienced challenges in getting mentors to participate, but this has changed with Explorers. More parents are stepping up, and new mentor sprouts are emerging.

“We experience that more people are mastering guiding a group of children through this concept, even young mentors as young as 18 years old,” says Christine.

The fact that the concept is based on fixed content elements and that not so much depends on the mentor themselves is perceived as a security. Karl Andreas Meier, who was also involved in the implementation of chapter 3 in the local church in Eiker, appreciates the support that the Explorers concept provides.

Karl Andreas Meier

“Before, the quality of a gathering was very dependent on personal knowledge and skills of the individual mentors and the technical solutions that the local church could provide. Today, all mentors have the same prerequisites, and everything is ready, so I, as a mentor, can focus on what I really want to do, which is to make it nice for the children,” Karl Andreas says. He is concerned that the children should understand the message in the Bible stories.

With the help of today’s technology, we have a completely different opportunity to reach the hearts of children

Karl Andreas Meier

Modern tool

BCC Media aims to provide children with experiences that are so engaging and captivating that they will want to have Jesus as their best friend for the rest of their lives. In a time competing with popular games, series, and social media, it is crucial to keep up with the developments in communication.

“Children today are exposed to so much diversity from games and series, that traditional religious education faces strong competition,” says Christine.

She points out that an old recipe cannot be used in this work; new tools must be utilized.

“Getting a tool like Explorers is not just good, it is absolutely essential,” she says passionately.

Hilde Jacobs

Several other mentors in Eiker are also very pleased with the opportunities the concept provides:

“We are all doing our best to make it educational and good sessions for the children, but having a support system to rely on is invaluable,”

Hilde Jacobs says.

More chapters in production

The next chapter is being produced, and the goal is to launch two chapters annually. Along with each chapter, related materials for several Sunday school sessions with the same theme will also be provided.

Here is a sneak peek from the production of Explorers chapter 4, which will be about Josiah: