Celebrating 50 years of the the church in Australia

Celebrating 50 years of the the church in Australia

Just over 50 years ago, Peter and Mientje Hardenberg travelled to Australia as missionaries. Today there are churches in Melbourne and Sydney, with about 275 members altogether. See pictures from the 50-year anniversary here.

The event was celebrated at the local conference this last January. Eva and Kåre Smith and other overseas visitors were present, friends who have meant a great deal for the development of the church here. There were many good and interesting contributions telling about how the church has grown, and also about how the Brunstad conferences and broadcasts have meant a lot for the church’s development in Australia.

Digital media are linking and uniting us

Technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The brothers and sisters in Australia have followed along with the Brunstad conference transmissions, either in real-time or in catch-up, as fits in best with the difference in time zones. This has resulted in the friends becoming more and more linked and united with the other church fellowships throughout the world. The previous year, almost the whole church in Australia travelled to Brunstad to experience the summer conference. They find that the same faith that is preached from the centre of the church, is now also a part of their local meetings, and their personal lives.

During Australian festivities, it’s very appropriate to sing some good old Australian songs, like Waltzing Matilda and We are one, but we are many. These were performed to the great delight of the audience.

The Australian friends expressed their deep gratitude for the 50 years since the church’s lowly beginnings here, and look forward eagerly to the future.