Conference: gathering for Christianity’s most important event

This weekend, fellow believers from all over the world flocked to the opening of BCC's Easter Conference. The expectations were high for the festival, where we remember the biggest event in the history of Christianity.

Friends and fellow believers have for two years been longing to get together again for conferences, after a long period with only a few smaller events. This Easter, Christians all over the world meet for the festival, and at BCC’s Easter Conference, faith and fellowship with one another are central.

The conference will be a continuation of the youth’s Easter camp, where the participants experienced a moving representation of Jesus’ death and resurrection – the greatest event in the history of Christianity – when a new way was opened for all mankind.

Reunifications and joy characterized the atmosphere on Friday morning, when several thousand participants filled the conference area. It buzzed with life, all the way from the beach zone, where families with children enjoyed themselves around hot barbecues and bouncy castles, to the sports arena with sports and activities for children and young people.

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The opening meeting: – The word is an overcoming power from God

On Friday night, the main hall was filled with participants, who wanted to experience what is the basis of the conferences, namely the preaching that inspires and renews us in the Christian life. Those who did not get a seat in the hall could follow the content on big screens elsewhere in the conference area, or from the TV screen in the suites.

A packed hall of fellow believers from over 30 countries. Photo: BCC
It was a festival when the music played up to communal song. Photo: BCC

Both youth and adults once again heard the message about the way that Jesus opened for us. We heard about the life that Jesus invites us to; by his death and resurrection, we who live today can enter a life where Jesus’ commandments are kept in the heart and followed in life’s situations. By this we as humans can come to rest from sin and be of help to others.

Among other things, it was read from Isaiah 48:18: Oh, if only you would heed my commandments! Then shall thy peace be as the river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea.

“The word is the overcoming power from God. When you believe in the word, then the power comes into you, and then the new life in God begins to shoot forth”, said Kåre J. Smith in the opening message. “But everything must be pure and holy. Every day we must take up our cross and deny ourselves. We are called to obey Jesus’ commandments – this is what makes us happy. Let us keep the word and hold it fast in a good and noble heart.

Kåre J. Smith spoke during the opening meeting. Photo: BCC

“The life Jesus lived has been clearly portrayed”

Over 30 nations have come together for these four conference days, which are filled with content for all ages. And even though we come from different nationalities, languages, and cultures, it is the faith in Jesus Christ that brings us together. For more than 100 years, the church has gathered for this type of conferences, and after a long pandemic, the interest is greater than ever.

Frederick Kriel (34) is one of those who has come all the way from South Africa to share the Easter festival with fellow believers:

Sitting in the meeting hall and hearing the message, is clearly what I have been most looking forward to. Watching the transmission on the TV screen is also good, but the best thing is definitely to be here and to be able to share this with others.

Frederick is one of the youth workers in his local church and has just experienced several days of Easter camp with 90 young people from Africa. He says that for him the Easter message has never been as clear as now:

“We have always known that Easter is special, but after this Easter camp and the Bible X game that has conveyed the story so vividly, we have gained a unique foundation for understanding more clearly what lies behind the life Jesus lived, and what it means for us now. What happened at Easter in the year 33 is actually the most important thing that has happened in history, and it has come out so clearly in these recent days. I think it will also clearly affect the conference”, says Frederick.

“The whole family has been looking forward to this”

Øyvind Sandersen (44) participates from the local church in Molde, Norway, and has taken the trip here with his family. He also looks forward to the days to come:

The Easter conference is special. For me, the message of Jesus’ resurrection and the opportunity it has given us in life is of great value. It brings opportunities and joy into my everyday life.

He also says that he is pleased that the program is adapted to several target groups, with many activities for children and young people. Now he and his family look forward to sharing the next few days with good friends:

“The conferences are something we always count down towards, and there is great expectation when the family gets in the car. The program during the conference is rich, and the whole family has something to look forward to, when they come here. We look forward to meeting good friends and being together in the next few days.”

And especially the children have a lot to look forward to in the next few days, with several activities on the program.

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Especially the children have a lot to look forward to in the next few days, with several activities on the program. Photo: BCC