BCC’s international fall conference

This weekend about 4000 people participated in BCC’s conference. On the agenda were preaching, fellowship, and activities with fellow believers from several countries. Here are some pictures from the opening night.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Andreas Lehmann

This weekend, after a pause during the pandemic, BCC is able to once more organize the annual “brother’s conference.” The target group for this conference is both young and adult men from BCC’s local churches. A corresponding conference weekend is organized every spring for women.  Since there are no children present at these conferences, it gives the adults an added opportunity to be together with fellow believers who are their peers. They can also fully focus on the conference agenda.

In addition to those who are able to physically participate, the conference is streamed to fellow believers all over the world, as per usual. This way the broadcast is also accessible to other target groups.

Expectations and joyous reunions characterized the opening of the conference yesterday. Photo: BCC

“A clear preaching which always gives me something to think about”

Cosmin Celea (27) from the local church in Oslo Follo is on site at Oslofjord Convention Center this weekend.  He has participated in this conference several times, and says that everytime there is something to look forward to:

Cosmin Celea

“It’s hard to choose just one thing which makes the weekend special, but every aspect contributes to it being a fantastic experience every time. For me the weekend is a perfect mix of good times, fellowship, and a clear preaching which always makes a deep impression, and gives me something to think about.”

“The highlight for me is often right at the beginning of the first meeting, when I find a seat and the first song starts. Then I really get a feeling of anticipation for what’s to come.”

And yesterday, before the first meeting of the conference, fellow believers streamed with nticipation into the conference hall. After the opening meeting, the evening continued with activities for the younger participants. There were pre-arranged sports tournaments, games, and competitions at Oslofjord Arena.

“This year I’m more excited than I’ve ever been before to see so many friends again. I haven’t seen most of them since the beginning of the pandemic, and I’m really looking forward to meeting them again”, says Cosmin

Check out some of the pictures from opening night here:

The conference is translated into several languages

The weekend agenda includes four live broadcasts from the conference hall, which are each simultaneously translated to more than ten languages. One of the highlights is the theme evening on Saturday, with its inspiration for faith and church life.

The whole program looks like this:

  • Opening meeting on Friday evening
  • Morning meeting on Saturday
  • Theme evening with faith building and information on Saturday evening
  • Open hall: sports tournaments, miniconcert, and other activities for youth
  • Closing meeting Sunday morning