The yearly Easter conference ended Sunday evening with the Brunstad Magazine broadcast. Members and fellow believers received the latest news from BCC and affiliated organizations, along with spiritual edification and inspiration for church life.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by Øystein Vårdal / BCC Media 

The BCC online Easter conference was an enriching time. The program included elements for both children and adults, with six international TV broadcasts. The Brunstad Magazine closed the conference in an inspiring way, with focus on mission work and exciting plans for the future. Viewers also received information from the Brunstad Foundation about the finances and status of the ongoing construction project.

The program included:

Missions event during Pentecost: new technology offers new opportunities
The local church from Oslo, Norway will cooperate with BCC Media in preparation for the coming Mission event at Pentecost. Together, they will prepare content to show how it is possible to use the internet and new technology to spread the gospel. The goal is to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission, and to reach as many people as possible with His message, so that those who hear it can take a position and choose what they want to believe.

Preparations for a new A-team year in 2021/22
The A-team has over 300 applicants for the coming year. There is active preparation to ensure these young people will have a memorable and educational year, with both Bible studies, activities, and work.

The Brunstad Foundation: Financial and construction project updates
The construction project at Brunstad is going according to its timeframe and financial plan. All the local BCC churches have expressed their support to the completion of the conference facility, and fellow believers around the world look forward to using it as soon as possible.

Board member Tore E. Aslaksen of the Brunstad Foundation provided updates about the development project at Oslofjord. Photo: BCC Media

Many churches lent funds for the project and have individual agreements with various due dates for the repayments. Loans, including interest, are repaid according to agreements. So far, there has been no need to draw from the reserve fund made available by local congregations, but there is still significant risk associated with Oslofjord’s activities, not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Of the same reason, all local churches are advised to postpone their own construction projects until the economic impact of the pandemic is clearer, if this is possible.

Plans for BCC conferences in 2021:
It is currently challenging both to plan and to change existing plans for BCC events, as the COVID-19 situation in Norway and the rest of the world is uncertain. Until it becomes possible to meet again, BCC plans to host online broadcasts. In the autumn, there are plans for conference weekends, with spiritual edification and activities for children and youth. Both Norwegian churches and others can attend, depending on what restrictions are in place.

A new consumer’s co-operative will manage the accommodation agreements connected to BCC’s events at Oslofjord Convention Center.
A new consumers’ co-operative is under establishment in order to collect agreements and strengthen the customer possibilities for BCC members who wish to stay at Oslofjord during the church’s conferences and events in the future. This will allow those who wish to use the facility in the future to set up a savings plan customized to their personal circumstances. More information will be announced this summer.

The Brunstad Magazine was an inspiring close of this year’s online Easter conference. Photo: BCC Media