The BCC women’s conference was an enriching virtual event filled with edification and inspiration that crossed borders. Last weekend four TV broadcasts connected women from around the world, with the goal to create local celebrations for both young and old.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo: Anne-Sophie Tombre/Page Owens

Throughout last weekend, BrunstadTV posted pictures and greetings sent from women from around the world. Although the conference had to be hosted online, many imaginative women helped build local excitement and community.

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Hoping for a valuable, festive weekend

Dorothea Storm Ferling

“We wanted to create a festive atmosphere, even though we’re all sitting in our own homes,” says Dorothea Storm Ferling. She is one of many who helped create a worthy framework for the weekend in her home church.

The church in southern Norway currently has strict infection control rules in effect, but Storm Ferling tells of several measures they took to create an atmosphere of togetherness. Small gifts were delivered in advance to all attendees, and channels were created for everyone to share pictures of rooms and faces decorated for the occasion.

“We hoped it would not be just another ‘normal’ weekend, and that everyone would feel like they participated in the conference, along with some quiet time to have their faith strengthened,” says Dorothea.

For many the weekend provided a break from their hectic everyday lives, with the possibility to listen to the gospel in peace and quiet. Although this year was different, Dorothea says the virtual weekend made an impression.

“It was moving to see glimpses of friends from other places on the screen. Listening to spiritual messages, seeing the photos, and hearing songs from around the world made a powerful impression on me. I’m so glad that we can have it delivered to our homes while we’re experiencing the current restrictions.”

Several measures were taken to create a shared atmosphere. Small gifts were sent out to all participants in advance. Photo: private

The gospel streamed to over 50 countries

Over 10,000 viewers from around the world watched the broadcasts. The gospel that is proclaimed is without a doubt the weekend’s main attraction, and the most important aspect to take with us to our daily life.

The conference opened on Friday night with verses from Psalms 118:24: “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

“Let us believe that He who loves and cares for us will also ensure everything that happens today will be for the best. He will never let you go, and never leave you. He will give you strength and peace,” said Kåre Smith in his opening message.

The conference continued on Saturday with a festive broadcast from studios in Norway and the United States, with transmission to several countries. Through films, songs and posts, both young and old shared their own experiences from their everyday Christian lives, and their faith inspired fellow believers across language, culture and age.

Hear the song “Psalm 84”, which was performed for the first time during this weekend’s conference: