Around the world in two days

BCC’s online summer conference has inspired different activities locally. Last weekend, BCC members walked, ran and biked the Earth’s circumference. Young and old by the thousands participated in the competition locally, adding their individual mileage to the international total.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by BKM New Zealand

The theme for BCC’s summer conference is “International Diversity”, illustrated through films, songs and speeches from around the world. Members have shared their cultures, languages and glimpses of local church life. These presentations served as introductions for each meeting. In addition, suggestions for local activities has been shared, and last weekend , an international initiative inspired churches and church members all over the world to get on the move.

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“World Wide Race” gathers participants from all parts of the world

The goal of this virtual “World Wide Race” was for as many members around the world as possible to register individual distances, adding up to the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference.

The competition created a lot of local enthusiasm, demonstrated by the updates and photos pouring in from different continents on the app. Participants ranged in age from very young to old, and exercised alone or together in groups of various sizes. Live updates were provided continuously throughout the weekend on a broadcast synchronized with the BrunstadTV app.

During World Wide Race there were live updates from the local churches. Photo: BrunstadTV
Pictures were shared from all parts of the world – here from Hong Kong. Foto: BrunstadTV


New Zealand: An active day for both young and old

In New Zealand, an activity day was arranged for everyone joining the race. Both young and old participated, and Henry (23) was one of the event planners:

“We prepared several activities that were appropriate for any age level and printed out bib  numbers for everyone. It was especially fun for the kids.”

Swipe right to see photos from Activity Day:

The day started with warm-ups and continued with a route that included drink stations and shared breaks. New Zealand completed 1,441 kilometers during the course of the weekend – and walked away victorious.

Worldwide involvement in the race exceeded all expectations. A total of 87,225 kilometers were registered in two days.

A healthy framework for children and youth

A large part of the local church group is children and youth. This motivates Henry to make an extra effort for the coming generation:

“Seeing church life in other local churches inspires me, and I want to do everything I can so that the kids and young people here have it good. Even though we can’t go to the conference or youth camp this year, we can make it good for them if we have warm hearts and use our resources.”

Henry Smith (t.v) was one of the event planners behind the activity day. Foto: BCC

17,000 km from the conference center in Norway, but along all the same

“Obviously, many miss being at the conference this year, seeing friends from around the world, and hearing the gospel which inspires us to live according to God’s word,” says Henry.

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“But through streaming services, we can hear the same gospel, which inspires us to continue an active Christian life. Even though it isn’t exactly the same as being there, gathering and watching the conference on tv is a good alternative,” says Henry.

Here you can see for yourself what the local church in New Zealand contributed to BCC’s summer program: