BCC is looking for creative ideas as to how to gather its members

Since it has not been possible to gather as a church in large parts of the world, BCC wants to make use of the possibility to develop new and creative ways to reach each other. We now encourage and challenge members in Norway and abroad to send in their suggestions digitally.

Text by Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by BCC

“Have you any ideas as to how the church can gather together online?”

This was the question BCC-members from around the world, were asked via the members’ portal this week.

Only a few days have passed since new and far reaching restrictions on the movement of people were introduced in Norway, but already, these restrictions are having a huge impact and are very significant for associations and church life throughout the whole country.

The same can be said for large parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

We have the channels and the technical ability, now we need to create more content.

Berit Hustad Nilsen

The first cancellation was the International Easter Conference with 10,000 participants, as well as the young people’s Easter Camp. This also affected local church life and its weekly activities which have been completely abandoned.

BCC has for several years been thinking ahead and have therefore built up our media activity. The media department is ready to take on greater challenges to meet the present need.

There are indeed many possibilities for the future.


“We have the channels and technical ability, now what we need is good ideas and more volunteers who can support the task of producing, so we can gather around the Christian message in a new way”, says Berit Hustad Nilsen who leads the media department at BCC. “We have set up a broadly based project group so we can develop new concepts which can gather the church digitally.”

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“The situation in the world being as it is, makes the Christian message more relevant than ever. It gives hope, faith and comfort, and represents a power in our lives which will always make the best  of the situation”, says Berit Hustad Nilsen.

The lock-down has become a catalyst for new ways of gathering

BCC are occupied with creating a virtual program for Easter and the days ahead. This includes something for all the target groups; adults, young people and children.

We need therefore, all good ideas and people who can contribute. In less than a day after invitations were publicised on the members’ portal, we received approximately 40 suggestions. This is very good news, Hustad Nilsen reckons.

“It’s great to recieve new input to the work. This is an extraordinary situation so now we are working from all sides of the organization. Since many are working from home there are Zoom and Skype meetings going on all day. We have a lot to do, but with the right adherence to infection measures and following the recommendations given by the authorities we hope to keep ourselves well”.

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