Brunstad Christian Church’s (BCC) Easter conference, this year expected to attract over 10,000 attendees, is cancelled. “The most important thing now is to limit the risk of infection and spread of the coronavirus,” says Berit Hustad Nilsen.

By Brunstad Christian Church 

The Easter conference, for many years the most attended event in BCC, is now cancelled ,for the first time since World War II, because of the coronavirus.

The Brunstad Youth Club Easter Camp, where about 4000 young people were expected during the week before Easter, is also cancelled.

BCC is working to identify the potential consequences this will have on both BCC and its members. More information will be provided to attendees through the member portal.

Local churches adjust their activities

BCC has further recommended that all 19 local churches in Norway follow the advice of the health authorities and adjust activity in their local churches accordingly.

This week many local churches already cancelled events and are constantly monitoring the situation  according to the authorities´recommendations.

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