“A message of renewal for Christians”

BCC’s conference for women included time for spiritual edification, fellowship, and excellent dialogue. Members of the conference came to be inspired by messages of faith.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

The conference is a short but powerful weekend with both young and old BCC members in attendance. There are opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones, and members receive encouragment to live for Jesus in their daily lives.

With faith-strengthening meetings, a topic-oriented evening, and various activities, the program is wide-ranging and exciting for all target groups.

Because of the coronavirus situation, BCC kept in contact with both the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the community doctor in Sandefjord, Norway ahead of the event, but the message from the health authorities was clear: there was no basis for cancellation with the extra measures implemented. With some extra precautions, the conference proceeded as planned.

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Messages and sharing personal experiences of faith

Kåre J. Smith opened the conference with the message that we must turn to our God, for there is no one who cares more for his creation than He does.

The river of the Lord is always full of water, and when we believe in Jesus, the Bible says that rivers of living water will also flow from our lives. This is how we can bring life and spirit to our church; there is something new that replaces sluggishness and reticence, which often comes from habit.

The meeting also included a series of short, inspiring remarks from women who have faith for the same life, and who shared their personal experiences with the audience in the hall.

The conference lasted two days, with three meetings and a live TV-broadcast of the Brunstad Magazine show from the main hall.

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From Canada to Norway for a weekend

Ruth Kloosterman has come all the way from the West Coast in Canada, to Vestfold, Norway, to spend the weekend together with the other women in BCC. She attended the first ‘Sister’s Conference’ in 2006 – and has not missed any of these events since.

“It is special to gather with just the women. With the whole family present things can get a little more hectic, but now I can be with my friends and receive the word in peace and rest,” she says.

Being able to meet in a peaceful atmosphere is an obvious highlight of the year, and she clarifies that she doesn’t come just for the warm and cozy visits.

“The message I hear brings renewal in my Christian life. I can go home with an encouraged and strengthened heart, prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life. Then I can become a better mother for my children, a better wife for my husband- a better person for all those around me,” she says.

Ruth (left) reconnects with other BCC women at the conference and says she appreciates hearing the spiritual messages in a restful atmosphere. Photo by BCC

A themed meeting with international participation

On Saturday night there was a ‘theme’ meeting which included spiritual messages, interviews, literature reading, and musical performances which helped illuminate the evening’s theme.

The message of the evening was that everyone can live an independent life in Christ, wherever they are. Growth and rest in in God can be obtained only when you hear His voice, believe in the Word and allow yourself to be led by the Spirit in your daily situations. During the evening there were several film clips, where women of different ages shared their experiences of living for God in the busyness of life. Each spoke of their personal relationship with Jesus, and the importance of keeping that connection alive.

Kåre J. Smith pointed out that a pure heart must be preserved in order to stay near to God and experience spiritual growth. Photo by BCC


Kathrine Jacobs, a member of the volunteer BCC Events’ committee, has worked with other volunteers and employees in BCC to plan the evening program, which included a music video from Canada made for the occasion. Through international cooperation the committee has been able to include local churches in the planning.

“That was part of the focus, that the theme could edify both young and old. Maybe our life situations are very different, but the gospel is universal and relevant for all people,” says Kathrine.