Video: Conference in New Zealand

This year in January the local church in New Zealand arranged their annual Summer Conference with participants from several other countries. The conference has become a destination for  BCC members from several parts of the world, and here you can see a video clip giving an insight into some of the effort that goes into these events.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by BCC

See video clip from the conference days further down in the article.

BCC is a denomination with fellow believers from all parts of the world, including New Zealand. The Church here is situated on North Island, not far from the city of Tauranga. In total they number approximately 70 members.

For more than 10 years BCC’s Leader Kåre J. Smith has travelled here to participate at the conference. Here, the message preached draws in several visitors. This year the conference totalled nearly one hundred participants.

Kåre J. Smith this year travelled to New Zealand to participate at the conference, and preach the gospel at several meetings. Photo by BCC

This is a local, as well as an international event

The conference lasts just less than a week and has a rich program: a day for the children, a day for the young people, and a main conference which exceeds just over three days. It is the local church in New Zealand who plan and conduct the conference, and here both young and old are involved.

The church hires a camping site, where conference facilities allow room for  faith strengthening meetings. In addition, there are good facilities for various activities between meetings.Amongst other things, a sports area and beaches.

Faith strengthening gatherings: here the young people are the focus, and what is spoken about is appropriate to them. Photo by BCC
After the youth meeting there was singing and conversation around the bonfire. Photo by BCC

Youth are also along in arranging the event

Elise Friberg (25) is originally from Norway but moved to New Zealand just over two years ago. She is involved in children’s and youth work in the local church, and has also been along in the planning process of the event.

“At the conference I often meet old friends and also make new ones. To gather around our faith and encourage one another gives me great motivation personally”, she says. “It inspires me to live a personal and active Christian life.”

In total the conference consisted of three meetings and a youth meeting. During the day there have been sporting and play events, and in the evening, they sing and talk together around the fire.

The approach for the children was based on the same theme as BCC’s children’s conference in Norway Summer 2019 (Jesus is my friend). Here the children could learn more about who Jesus is and how He can be a help throughout our lives.

Eating together during the main conference. Elise (in the middle) is active in children’s and young people’s work in New Zealand. Photo by BCC
The children had an activities day, as well as their own meeting based around the theme ‘ Jesus is my friend.’ Here is a group ready to perform their contribution during the children’s day. Photo by BCC

Voluntary involvement and Christian togetherness

Several of those who have assisted voluntarily with the conference say that it has been rewarding for them personally to have been a part of this shared project. Working together to arrange a conference for nearly one hundred participants gives a unity to the locals and also possibilities to establish new international friendships.

Here you can see a short film clip from the event and the preparation work, made by the local church in New Zealand: