Children are naturally a big part of BCC’s summer conferences. here, they learn about Jesus through games, themed meetings, shows, and activities, and experience things that create wonderful childhood memories. This year, the children’s events are scheduled for both July and August.

By Espen Larsen – Photos by Anne-Sophie Tombre 

The main hall is teeming with excited kids of all ages trying to find their places before commencement of Children`s Days. They have been looking forward to this for a long time. All of them received an armband in different colors before the opening meeting – some red, others blue, yellow, or green. The colors represent where the children are supposed to sit in the hall, and assign them to a team in the games planned for these next two days. The air hums with excited and impatient voices and the sound of adults trying to settle things down.

The air is full of expectation as the children are welcomed at the opening of Children`s Days. All of the best seats are reserved for children and their parents. Photo: BCC  

Jesus as a friend gives security, comfort, and forgiveness

Children`s Days, the main attraction for kids every year, is a popular tradition. They hear about Jesus and the help He can give for life of happiness and peace. Bible stories are reenacted and explained. The goal is to teach children that Jesus loves them and has a future for them in His kingdom (Luke 18:16). They hear that faith in Him is a help in every area of life, from childhood to adulthood. By becoming friends with Jesus, they can experience security and comfort, ask for forgiveness and help, and learn to be good.

Original musical captures attention

Suddenly the lights dim and it starts. Children dance into sight onstage and sing a song reflecting this year’s theme. The song is performed again later in the meeting, and the audience invited to sing along and attempt the moves.

Children from Grenland’s Activity Club sing and engage the whole hall during the opening song. Photo: BCC

The Activity Club in Grenland planned the opening meeting this year. One of those responsible, Tomas Fuglset, explains that it has been very rewarding to contribute to Children’s Days. “We don’t get the chance to work on projects like this very often, and we spent a fair amount of time deciding on a theme which would be inspirational, personal, and captivating. We landed on ‘I want a pure heart.’ Figuring out how to present this was a challenge, but the creative process led us to a solution: everyday situations we could illustrate from a child’s perspective,” says Fuglset. “A musical was the natural choice since we have many creative types in Grenland’s Activity Club who work with voice and music.”

Creative young people have been preparing the day’s performance for the children: an original musical that captivates and provides food for thought at the same time. Photo: BCC

Choosing good instead of bad

To begin with, Kåre Smith gives a short appeal to the children. He starts by telling that he remembers well the children’s conferences from his own childhood. Then he tells about Jesus, who wants to live in our hearts, if we ourselves open for Him. “We get good lives when we choose Him as a friend,” says Kåre Smith. The children are good at listening, and look forward to the rest of the opening meeting.

Grenland’s funny and engaging musical about the girl Sofie comes next. She faces different choices between good and not-so-good, sometimes wishing for the not-so-good.

Sofie (on the right) understands eventually that her friend really wants to try her scooter and decides to lend it to her to make her happy. It makes Sofie happy too. Photo: BCC 

A healthy blend of games, activities, and edification

After an hour, the spotlights are extinguished again, and the children go out into the sunshine and get ready for the next mission: the outdoor games. This time a professor needs help from all the children at Brunstad to find a potion which has disappeared. The games, activities, and edification-themed meetings continue for two whole days.

The search for the missing potion is the theme for the Childen’s Games, which start outside right after the opening meeting ends in the hall. Photo: BCC

After two whole days at the July conference, the song and dance from the opening meeting are burned in the memories of young and old, along with many other impressions. Everything turned out good in the end for Sofie, the potion is rescued, and both children and adults are pleased. Soon Sofie and the rest of the crew will be back, because children participating in the August summer conference will get to experience all of it as well.

A satisfied audience: everything turns out good in the end for Sofie and her friends, and most know the opening song by heart. Photo: BCC

Out in the sunshine: outdoor games and activities for kids of all ages after an hour-long opening meeting. Photo: BCC

Event planners from Østfold prepared well for the games and the outdoor setup, and it appears to be a hit with their target group. Photo: BCC