BCC´s summer conference in July

BCC members from all over the world came to Oslofjord Convention Center in Stokke to participate in the summer conference.

9962 persons, including 2771 children, 4324 youth and 2663 adults over 36 years of age, took part in the conference in July. The two summer weeks were filled with activities for children and youth, competitions, games, tournaments and concerts. However, it was nevertheless the meetings with faith-strengthening edification that formed the focal point during the conference itself. All the meetings were translated to 17 different languages, and the meetings were broadcast via BrunstadTV to BCC members over the whole world.

In the course of the conference an important information meeting was held in the «BrunstadMagazine» studio program, where the latest news about the finances, organization and strategy was presented to the BCC members. In a film General Manager, Vegar Kronstad, presented the most important figures from BCC’s annual accounts for 2015.

See film from annual report here

Both youth and children had their own special part in the conference, where the content, form and presentation was suitable for the target group. Several local churches had in advance prepared songs, shows, films and activities and contributed to a great degree to give the gatherings variation and breadth.

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