A life that gives value

Individuals and organizations that create change through the Bible’s message about a new life.


An Exciting Journey Through Time in the Bible

Hundreds of children have now tested the game to make it more exciting to explore Bible stories and messages. This weekend, the new concept with its own online resources was launched, and the target group seems to be satisfied.

Seminar day: Inspiring Voluntary Work

In continuation of the Pentecost conference, board and committee members, church elders and other key volunteers from the local churches were invited to a seminar day. The purpose was to inspire many to engage in voluntary work for the church.

Mission: It is Africa’s time

The Africa-themed missionary event during Pentecost was a gripping celebration of faith and unity across cultures and national borders. There can’t be many in BCC now who don’t know the meaning of the zulu term simunye – “we are one”.

United as One – this Pentecost

Now Pentecost is at hand, and several thousand people are expected to attend the conference in BCC. Never before has the short holiday gathered so many international participants – it is quite simply a record attendance.

Churches across the world

BCC has a presence on all continents, with fellow believers in almost 50 countries

Our focus areas

Our history

Join us on a journey back in time, where we will explore the Book
which can provide answers to all questions. Ages 6-12 years.