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In the Pillory for 7 years - New Book tells Dramatic Story

New book tells dramatic story

Sources in need of money have, over several years, managed to make the media believe in untrue stories. BCC is contributing with a new book that documents what actually happened, and criticizes both NRK and Dagens Næringsliv’s behavior in recent years. The book has provided input in the debate on freedom of expression.

Input on freedom of expression

Input on freedom of expression

Last fall the Norwegian Commission for Freedom of Expression submitted its report to the Minister of Culture and Equality, Annette Trettebergstuen. It was the conclusion of two and a half years of work on section 100 of the constitution. The commission was to investigate the current situation for freedom of expression in Norway.

Insight into the financial management

In order to fulfill the Great Commission, BCC has invested aggressively over the course of several decades. Multi-channel publishing, financing the development of a four billion Norwegian kroner conference facility, and conducting mission work around the world all requires solid financial management. Here you can gain insight into how BCC’s finances are managed as the world’s economy falters.

Representantskapsmøte 3. des 2022

The Following was Approved at the Assembly of Representatives

On Saturday 3 December, an Extraordinary Assembly of Representatives was convened in the BCC Federation. Here we present an overview of the decisions.

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