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On relationship morals and the freedom of belief

The global church’s interpretation of the Bible’s view of relationships was previously beyond question. But today it requires a thorough explanation to gain respect and acceptance for the same position. The topic is constantly attracting interest, and the Elders in BCC wish to clarify our view on the morals of relationships.

Participated in an ecumenical youth gathering in Germany

Every eight years, all the world’s churches gather for ecumenical work, in the Assembly of the World Council of Churches. This year it was held in Karlsruhe, Germany, and the Christian Council of Norway sent seven representatives to the Youth Gathering, two of these being from BCC.

Ready for a year of international exchange

Last week, a completely new everyday life started for 32 young people on exchange at BCC’s head office in Norway. Several have been waiting for their stay through two long years of the pandemic, but now they are finally here.

A hectic autumn

“There’s so very much to do ere it’s too late”, we sing in a song written by Elihu Pedersen, which is about doing things for the Lord’s cause and spreading the kingdom of God on the earth. This is what we will experience this autumn. Read why here.

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