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Why do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter is one of the most important festivals in Christianity and marks the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The celebration has a long history spanning more than 2,000 years and is an important time for Christians all over the world. But how can we make the Easter message relevant to new generations?

In recent years, BCC has invested in producing content for children, especially animated films about Bible stories. The aim is to make the Bible accessible and bring it to life for children. The Bible Kids channel has 15 million views on YouTube and 150,000 subscribers from many parts of the world. The app also has thousands of downloads.

The Easter message explained in a simple way

The most popular story is what happened at Easter over 2,000 years ago. The Easter message of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection is told in a simple and vivid way.

A long tradition of celebrating Easter

For more than a 100 years, BCC has organized Easter conferences. Since the church began using Brunstad as a meeting place back in 1956, the Easter festival has been celebrated there. It is a festive time to be able to gather around the life-changing message Jesus brought. In addition, there are activities, meals, and fellowship in the impressive conference village at the Oslofjord Convention Center. There is room for the whole family here, and those members who cannot be seated or are unable to travel can participate digitally.

Conferences on sanctification

From the very beginning, the founder of the church, Johan O. Smith, wanted to organize conferences on sanctification. He wrote about this in his letters about 100 years ago, and this need continues today. When the youth Easter camp kicks off this weekend, the theme is “sanctification”.

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We wish the young people a camp full in content and all our readers a happy Easter!