Frivillighetshelg i BCC (Brunstad Christian Church)

“No point in waiting until you’re skilled enough”

900 volunteers were at Brunstad to work over the weekend. The program was very varied, ranging training in sound, lighting and image technology, rehearsals for the Christmas concert, work with children and young people, strategy sessions, and translation with artificial intelligence were on the program. Some volunteers share their experiences here.

Kevin Kristensen is working on preparing a special activity for the New Year’s camp: Dungeons and Dragons. This is a role-playing game where you dress up and live in a fantasy world. The activity has become popular at the camps, and there is a need to expand the activity.

Kevin Kristensen

“I think D&D (Dungeons and Dragons, ed.) is fun, and I think it’s a good opportunity to engage those who might not be quite “standard.” So that everyone can feel that they have a place in the church.”

Kevin Kristensen

Leah Jacob is taking a safety course. She works as a doctor in England.

“I’ve seen how the church is built by people who spend their time and money volunteering, and I want to be a part of that. When you get involved, you also see things that can be done better, and then you start thinking about how I can help.”

Leah Jacob
Leah Jacob

Using your profession

In some areas, there is a low threshold for contributing, while others require specialist expertise. Salome Schoeler is studying law:

Salome Schoeler

“We are working on very exciting issues in the Legal Committee. It’s fun to work with people who have a lot of experience, so I get very useful training.”

Salome Schoeler
Jelte Schaapman

“After everything I’ve experienced and learned here at Brunstad, it’s a matter of course for me to travel here and contribute. If I can do something good for others, I’ll have an even better experience myself.”

Jelte Schaapman

Don’t wait to get good at what you do

Elise Leisterud

“I’ve come here because I want to do a better job,” says Elise Leisterud.

She is a site manager for A-team. This means that she is responsible for the young people in A-team who are affiliated with the church in Østfold, Norway, where she lives. This weekend, there is a workshop for the 45 site managers in Germany, Norway and Canada.

“To get tips and motivation, and especially to build a relationship with the other site managers to make it easier to collaborate later on.”

Elise also believes that the threshold for volunteering should be low:

“There’s no point in sitting around waiting for you to get so good at what you do; so you kind of have to jump in and learn by trial and error.”

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