A weekend for volunteers

A weekend for volunteers

For the first time, the BCC federation organized a large gathering for volunteers. Almost 1,000 people who contribute to key activities spent the weekend working together.

The whole area was buzzing with life, and all the meeting rooms at the Oslofjord Convention Center were utilized. The organizations within the BCC federation organized the weekend for board and committee meetings, workshops, board seminars, and working groups for planning future conferences.

Resources for fulfilling the mission

Targeted efforts are required to fulfill the important purpose set out in the BCC federation constitution. Specifically to promote Christianity in the context of modern society, to offer children and young people a positive and healthy Christian environment, and to teach everyone who Is interested to adher to everything Jesus has commanded.

Two of the strategic goals that have been set in the association’s plan for the next few years are that we should be one church, and that we should have a strong and sustainable access to resources. This means that our work must be characterized by unity, as well as spirit and commitment for both individuals and churches. Access to resources Increases when the voluntary effort is well-planned and the donation model is a natural part of church life. This was an important backdrop for the volunteer gathering this weekend.

Musicians during the Saturday evening feast.
Musicians during the Saturday evening feast.

Unity, training and motivation

The nearly 1,000 participants gathered for a joint kick-off for the weekend. It began with Jesus’s words from the Gospel of John – He prayed that we might come to faith, and that we might all become one, because then the world will come to believe (Ch. 17). When we volunteer to work together, we need salvation and sanctification for our own part. And when we become one, even if we gather with different opinions, from different churches, countries and cultures, more people will come to believe that Jesus has been sent for the sake of our salvation.

Later on, Peter Tischhauser, manager of BCC Event, gave a talk about what volunteering means, not only for their part of the work, but also for the entire church as a whole.

– The local churches are a strategic resource for planning and renewing our events both practically and with content, he said enthusiastically.

He brought out some main elements that must be in place to be successful with volunteering, such as organization, training, and motivation.

– These weekends devoted to volunteerism should be inspiring gatherings with information, faith-building, and time for voluntary work on important projects, continued Tischhauser.

Innovative communication for children

Annette Tobler
Annette Tobler

The children’s committee gathered its members and is underway in developing a strategy workshop to create an overall plan for Sunday School activities. The children’s committee consists of five members and is led by Annette Tobler.

– When you’re passionate about something, then it’s not really work, but it’s just fun to volunteer and put forth an effort, she says.

The vision behind the children’s committee’s work is to help give children a good childhood in the church, by conveying God’s word and the Bible’s stories in a way they can understand.

Sustainable finances for a secure future

Another committee that worked hard this weekend was the finance committee. There are eleven members, and their mandate is to provide the supervisory board expertise in economics and finance. They must assess annual strategy and business plans from the joint measures, including budgets, which are presented to the supervisory board.

They participate in the process of preparing a new long-term financial plan and familiarize themselves with the various parts of the business that affect the overall financial picture.

In this way, the Finance Committee will contribute to ensuring that the quality of the planning work will make It easier for the Supervisory Board to make an overall decision.

– In recent years, a number of factors have influenced the plans we made for the finances a few years ago, says Tore Aslaksen. He is responsible for finance and strategy in the BCC federation’s administration and is engaged In making the finances sustainable: – which is why we are now revising the plans for the next few years, and see that we must be proactive and take measures to ensure a sustainable economy.

He adds that for this to succeed, volunteering is a huge factor and exactly what is needed.

– That is why it is overwhelming to experience that almost 1,000 people signed up for this weekend, in order to contribute in several different areas, says Aslaksen.

Tore Aslaksen
Tore Aslaksen

The weekend’s feast meeting

On Saturday evening there was a gathering for all participants in the main hall. The starting point for those who have come to the volunteering weekend is a desire to be useful in their ministry for the church. And in the evening’s keynote speech, it was brought out how crucial it is to take care of the hidden life in our innermost being, if we are to be of help and blessing In the things we do.

Kåre J. Smith spoke from the USA, during a conference for young people, and pointed out that it is when we are pleasing to God in the hidden, that we can also become pleasing to God in the open. The speech was translated into English.

Organizations and groups that held meetings

Children’s and youth associations
BCC A-team
BCC Event board
BCC Event camp activities
BCC Event activity subject groups
BCC Facilities
BCC Music
BCC Norway board workshops, annual report, committees
BMS International
60+ committee
Children’s Committee
Finance Committee
IT workshops
Judiciary Committee
Election Committee
Workshop for language managers
Xercize professional group work